Struggle of the blackberry, can you back from the dead

hunting cloud network October 9 (text/invincible small dragon Editor/water Yan)

the blackberry came in 1998, in the “911 incident”, the United States are reportedly all but paralyzed communications equipment, but the U.S. vice President dick cheney’s mobile phone have the function of the blackberry, wireless Internet, has been successfully able to receive real-time information about the disaster scene anytime and anywhere.

since then, in the United States was an blackberry storm, soon became the portable E-mail device executives, consultants, and every Wall Street traders have electronic products. President on down to the civilian population, to use the blackberry. By 2013, RIM blackberry, has sold over 115 million account for almost half of the wireless business email business market.

since the birth of android and apple phones, blackberry is losing, market share has shrunk to less than 1% now, once king has vanished, loss-making.

but it is all the seeds when I was at its peak, it is resisting the mobile entertainment function, ignore the public’s demand, causes it time and again, repeatedly missed opportunities of development, can only be in competition with android and apple’s retreat, shrinking market share, as the owner of the blackberry brand, RIM’s market value has lost 90% compared to 2009.

hard struggle

even if market share is less than 1%, although the appearance of the new Passport is not the average person’s aesthetic, but it didn’t give up, still looking for the opportunity to rise, it is good at to strategy the CEO John Chen, please.

and before John Chen is responsible for the two similar to strategy, blackberry also started the “cutting expenditure”, aggressively cut unprofitable departments, layoffs, looking for new sales growth and sources of cash at the same time. John Chen in charge of Pyramid and Sybase company during the two problem, since taking office is decisive layoffs, cutting department, retain only the B2B business. Pyramid and Sybase turnaround, bought by Siemens and SAP, respectively. For the traditional steering strategy, can the company to sell a good price will be very successful.

since John Chen took office, the blackberry’s share price has risen by 68%, to $10.89, but even so, or lowered from 87% five years ago. Regulatory analysts expect their losses will reduce gradually, but at least for now, loss is considerable. For now, John Chen a series of positive results have been achieved, but from the rise is not enough.

the blackberry also open thoroughly this time it’s proud operating system, a sign of a strategy that begins with BB10, employees with blackberry is no longer forced bound BES platform, ActiveSync function lets them free access to the Microsoft Exchange or Google Apps system, synchronous information such as mail and calendar. It can only be used on the blackberry system software is now ready to fully open platform, on IOS and android launched their quality software, it can also make the blackberry users more convenient office cross-platform, improve the user viscosity, reduce the loss of further blackberry users, this is definitely a good idea.

in addition, the blackberry doesn’t want to give up its hardware, but in order to reduce losses, he will phone to other company production, after the blackberry has been mainly responsible for purchasing parts by itself, production mobile phone, only will be part of the entrusted to contract manufacturers. On December 19, 2013, announced blackberry cooperating with foxconn, develop cheap blackberry smartphones. These phones in foxconn’s factory production, Indonesia and Mexico blackberry has all the intellectual property of the product. It is said that in India market so as to obtain the good response, but the official did not disclose the relevant data.

the blackberry now the focus of the line of sight from the consumer market for enterprise users, from the higher-margin business of mobile security, as well as a variety of new software services get more profits.

in July this year, John Chen through two small acquisitions to further strengthen the position of blackberry in the enterprise market. A takeover target to provide safe services to mobile devices eavesdropping, and another is to help enterprises to better control the employee’s equipment cost. Blackberry after cutting the own some unnecessary parts and bought some more can play its characteristics and development direction of the company business, let oneself become more concise, thereby reducing losses, improve their profit, he is also in the layout for the future.

some time ago, the blackberry unveiled the Project Ion, the turning point of the Project is the blackberry as enterprise. They hope to Project Ion provides a management platform of mobile devices, it can connect all the IP device, and let them live and Internet connection. Here refers to not only the mobile phone, tablet, mobile devices and vehicles, household appliances, wearable devices, as long as able to connected to the Internet, can through the platform management, this is the Internet of things the blackberry wants to be a empire.

a month before the project was unveiled, blackberry NantHealth invested in medical network company, the company will help the blackberry development connect medical apparatus and instruments, and establish the medical data center and physician mobile connection. Medical industry will become the Project Ion in one area, and blackberry will now as a starting point to build enterprise service platform.

the blackberry into this area of the largest and most encouragingly, it will be compatible with android and IOS platform, not only can let it come back to life, maybe it can get a bigger development, with the expansion of its own sphere of influence, do business with a more open attitude, such companies are also more easily accepted by consumers. Perhaps, the Internet of things, an emerging field for blackberry rise again, hope it can seize the opportunity to once again rise, at the same time will also be development of the Internet of things will be better.


solid technology started in the blackberry under CEO Wang Shouzong bold reforms, slow down the progress of the recession, but are losses. Powerful technology is based on the capital to the blackberry, accurate market operation is the hope of a comeback. For entrepreneurs, not because of technical solid, and forget the lifeblood of “hope”, and so on, if so, know that you will only respect you, understand the technology, want to let others consumption, still want to have a heart of service, satisfy the users.

in this context, the blackberry can foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, tailoring department, you don’t need focus on developing its own profit, especially in the era of Internet of things in the background of the coming again, don’t lose the chance of development, should firmly seize the opportunity, struggled out of decline in the mud, can you coming back to life? I can only say good luck to you!

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