Stratos, and over all the bank card to do the king of the “card”

a wide variety of credit CARDS in some extent has not brought us the convenience of life, on the contrary, will also bring property security. Stratos company is committed to building a collect a variety of credit CARDS, membership CARDS in the integration of smart card, the card USES bluetooth driver, and using the company’s payment platform development alone. Let us to learn more about this credit card.

may be a lot of people will be beset with various kinds of credit card, credit card is more troublesome. And the start-up is to solve the problem. They are trying to integrate all kinds of credit CARDS in a separate bluetooth driver on a credit card, and in its smart layer around a circle. This project is very sound like a Coin. More recently, the company received $5.8 million in financing from Michigan, they plan to use the money to start producing the product.

Stratos which was established in 2012, in the state of Michigan Ann Arbor. At present, the team has completed research and development stage, preparing to launch its products. Use its extra raised funds, they are hard to production, speed up the increase the size of the recruitment and manufacturing.

Stratos is currently the only company preparing to launch “the unity of” multi-functional online credit card company. Its chief executive, Thiago Olson told us that he had seen “competitors offer the same function.

Olson said: “we don’t think can compete with our credit card and platforms. Our product is in use and reliability are unparalleled. After using it, you’ll want to can be used in all places.”

but of course he would say.

Olson said: “we are currently in conquering pins and chip are integrated into the credit card, once we succeed, it will be Stratos most competitive advantage.”

like the Coin before the Stratos credit card will allow the user to their credit card and membership card loads on smart card. Stratos, but, to be like a Coin release or seek early reports on Kickstarter. Olson said, they have one of the biggest challenges is difficult to obtain the involved technology.

Olson didn’t take the Apple Pay as a competitor, instead, he took it as a way to widen the market. He explained, with Stratos users can on including ATM platform using a credit card, and Apple Pay have no such.

the start-up investors from the Midwest and the west coast where collected $5.8 million. From San Francisco Toba Capital, Western Technology Investment, Hyde Park Venture Partners and Resonant from Michigan Venture Partners led the financing.

Stratos is one of the several new companies from Ann Arbor. Olson was born in Michigan, and its chief technology officer and co-founded Detroit laboratory. Stratos company and one of the hottest safety startup Duo Security work in the same building.

Olson said: “Ann Arbor Michigan and is not the first choice for technology start-ups. Can be the next great technology company Ann Arbor in the same building, we feel very excited.”

Stratos company is expected to launch its products in the coming 12 months. So far, the team seems to have will be handled many matters need to be aware of, even have a lot of time a lot of room for manoeuvre. In this field, however, Stratos is not lonely, credit card and membership card market big enough to accommodate multiple players. However, the first to have solutions to enter the market the company will have a big competitive advantage.

Source: VB

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