Strategic positioning: detailed analysis ma ali hopes to become a “national enterprise”

note: hunting cloud of alibaba has become a veritable leading enterprise in domestic Internet company next jack ma, and how to position and find a new growth point, ma made answer, we can carefully speculation ali’s new strategy. The following content from the urban express, the full text is as follows:

jack ma attended the hangzhou yesterday with alibaba group strategic cooperation joint conference for the second time. Ma said, as we enter 2015, alibaba will undergo the “big bang”, the company will comprehensively from the aspects of organization, culture, talents, to face the next 10 years of development.

how to development? E-commerce, payment system, logistics system… All this to the suffix “globalization”. At the same time, ali in sports, health care, schools and other “healthy and happy” industrial layout, also in orderly progress.

for hangzhou to birth more star startups

maybe is the best gift to hangzhou

jack ma said that over the years, alibaba is a very blessed company, we in hangzhou, and got the support of the government and the people of hangzhou, we are very honored to, and a city, and become a community of interests in our hometown.

alibaba IPO (initial public offering), social expectations are high for us, the pressure is very big also. Hangzhou so support us, I have been thinking about it, we leave a gift for hangzhou?

now feel for hangzhou education, culture, business, add a bit of new economic value, can let the hangzhou star birth more startups, perhaps is the best gift to hangzhou.

the next 15 years, 20 years

because of ali, what new changes have taken place in the world?

“double ten” this year, throughout the turnover of 57.1 billion yuan, is the hangzhou area code, it is also a particularly big predestination. “12-12”, we do offline supermarket.

alibaba become the world’s eighth largest companies this year, more than the wal-mart and IBM. As to $25 billion, a year to create tens of billions of profits of enterprises, ali’s first 15 years, measure their standard is: have we, have taken place in China? The next 15 years, 20 years, measures should be: because there are we, what new changes have taken place in the world?

to think only in this way, can we truly live up to the responsibility of the world’s top ten enterprises.

development focused on three areas in the next five years ali

the next five years, we will gather the three main battlefield: one is the globalization, is a rural strategy, and the third is really turned his company into a DT (data) in the era of cloud computing of large data.

we hope that the electronic commerce globalization, gathered 2 billion consumers hope ten years. We have already begun in conception, including the pay system of globalization, the logistics system of globalization, how to set up a new trade rules of the game.

we may lead to many countries to participate, and cross-border e-commerce platform will play more role. Cross-border e-commerce platform, that is, we develop an infrastructure. Hangzhou to our support, the more we can promote the faster, and the faster we promote, hangzhou, the more likely they are to become the future world an important node of the new trade rules of the game.

this is our a thinking in global layout.

ali hopes to become China’s “national enterprise”

what ali called company?

we are not ordinary private enterprise, also is not state-owned enterprises, we regard itself as China’s “national enterprise”.

like samsung is South Korea’s national enterprises, Mercedes is a German national enterprise, Google and apple is an American national enterprise, today’s China, need a can represent China’s crop of young people, on behalf of the China’s innovation technology, innovation ability, on behalf of the country’s contribution to the world of national enterprises.

national enterprise there is an important index is more than 40% of its revenues from overseas, and ali is even more than 95% of the revenue from China at present. The more we need to increase the development of cross-border electricity.

today China’s economy, because ali has been a little bit of change, we hope that through ten years of efforts, the world economy because of ali’s e-commerce, will also be able to change.

ali want to do is sports economic

we would also like to have a long-term development in the areas of football

we don’t want to do the sports industry, also don’t want to do sports, we want to do is sports economy.

a nation’s cultural and sports economy, the higher proportion in GDP, the more the country’s economic health. I know that the United States Hollywood cultural industry to GDP with 4 to 5 PM, and the sports bring is 7 to 8 PM. The income of the sports industry, will go beyond everyone’s imagination.

live live longer is better than

ali hope like building outside the building to live for a long time

next year we’re going to have two, one is the world conference on women entrepreneurs, this may be the world’s first female entrepreneurs convention; Will host China’s first public meeting. Ali is planners, we’re going to turn them into congress of a city, it’s good for hangzhou expand the international influence.

ali want to make our contribution to China’s soft power. Live live longer is better than the next 87 years (alibaba, founded in 1999, Mr Ma said hope it lived 102 years, 1 year of the last century, the century in 100, and then live to be the next century) ali will have a lot of hardships, we stay in hangzhou, I hope one day to live for a long time like a building outside the building.

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