Stranger micro together A $18 million round of financing, social policy source of venture investment

on September 16, stranger social widgets announced A round of millions of dollars in financing, led by the policy source vc, suitable for, YY, and shot.

micro poly released in early September, version 2.0, the key to solve the problem of the efficiency, and trust the stranger social. This round of financing micro poly team will be mainly used to improve the user experience, solve the customer pain points, at the same time, it will be more investment in technology research and development and team building, etc.

widgets in October 2013, had won the lei jun and YY to play more investment nearly thousands of yuan of angel investment. The stranger dating market has been in the capital was concerned, devoted to devoted to complete 2 billion valuation after c round of financing, stranger nearby electricity love artifact has completed A round of $15 million in financing. Micro current on-line 11 months, has completed A round of $18 million in financing. The micro poly 10 million registered users.

to gather and Momo in different social patterns is that micro poly adopted “dating purpose lead” “virtual items interaction” solve the problem of efficiency. Start date by the user to quickly find the same interest of people around you. Get access to the public comments on the data, in the new on dating site and public comments on the data through the dating a whole trust. The future of O2O electricity will also into micro poly business model to explore in the future.

the last say an interesting thing, the recent “sister lotus matchmaking” topic on weibo platform on micro poly, combined with the introduction of subject “the husband” sicong topic, in general, the event marketing, micro poly is a success.

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