Stranger calls identification tool Truecaller C $60 million in financing round

tencent technology – any and smart phone smacks of technology companies, is gaining the appreciation of venture capital. Recently, Sweden, a strange call identify Truecaller (prevent unfamiliar telephone harassment) company, announced a $60 million venture capital investment, the company claims to be a “Google” in the field of yellow pages.

and other small compared to the mobile Internet company, True caller services more ground. Allegedly, adopt the crowdsourcing model, its software to identify and mark the strange calls, telephone intercept marketing, in addition to provide the contact management, yellow pages query function.

this is the company C round of financing, investment institutions included Skype’s founders had founded storm vc firm Atomico, prominent silicon valley venture kleiner perkins caufield & byers, sequoia capital, also made the investment.

in February, sequoia capital once the True caller led to $18.8 million. At this point, the company accumulated for the risk of investment of $80 million. However, when the news was announced on Wednesday the company did not disclose the current valuation of capital.

in addition to stop harassing phone calls, manage the address book, True caller also reviews the application of the application of Yelp, Twitter and other social networking tools, is no longer a simple call recognition application.

it is understood that the company’s service began in 2009, today, the user has up to 85 million people around the world.

the company’s co-founder and chief executive of horse modi (AlanMamedi), said the investment gain, will be used to continue to improve the software product, increase the number of employees, at the same time more marketing products throughout the world. Truecaller, he said, to be a “Google” in the field of online phone book.

it is important to note that Truecaller among the investment, including the Internet phone tools Skype co-founder has storm, Atomico will send his investment company directors, another storm will also be served as special adviser to company development.

, according to bloomberg Truecaller founders were NamiZarringhalam and the horse modi, two people’s institute of technology in Stockholm, in university period, two people to jointly develop Truecaller, use it as a hobby project.

it is said that at that time, their purpose, is to identify a strange calls, set up telephone directory at the same time, provide more information about the caller. Horse modi said in an interview, the products listed in the first week of, have more than ten thousand users.

in addition, Truecaller adopted free value-added mode, most of these functions can be a free trial, to take charge of $1.99 a year some additional function model, this includes the view which people in the search for a certain number.

in Asia and other regions, because of the telephone harassment is common, so strange to identify service and more market. Currently, Truecaller has established the branch in Stockholm, Sweden, new Delhi, India. Horse modi, said a few months later, they will also set up branches in silicon valley in the United States.

horse modi said: “the most important we start attracted the attention of the silicon valley, technology company, it is necessary to success in silicon valley.” (dawn)

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