Stir than: a role-playing in face of the mobile APP

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stir than is a contemporary artists into role playing in face of such a mobile application. Than face of diffuse and other products, to amuse themselves than support user real head into the into the material database of different scenarios. More vitality, compared the characters.

stir than emphasises the role playing, in face, the material library joined the contemporary stage device – brush style representative of nearly 2000 mobile studio scene, decoration, the collocation of props; And on your mark, China — Du Xi nearly thousand pair of various characters, westward journey, the three countries, all kinds of style restoring ancient ways, such as decoration and the scene of the republic of China, there are such as scar art – stone step hundreds vice, attract girls lovely animal paintings, as a pet.

it is interesting to note that tease than current tried offline O2O model on profit model, the entertainment market in Shanghai and xintiandi entertainment fashion place after 90, set up a role play “funny than mobile studio” stage. For users to free pictures, print and download tease than APP game application. Microsoft also joint independent game ChanXin cooperative development role playing together dou landlord class material package downloads, etc.

Ms. MAO, founder of the team in 1994-2007 in China huayuan group (China’s largest textile state), with its 10 years of successful business experience. Is registered in China financial analysts, entrepreneurs, art collectors. Jiing founded in 2011, its shares. Enterprises mainly applied in mobile Internet art innovation. Was founded in 2014, with science and technology, make the APP now receive an angel round a line of domestic investment.

stir than
Company: Shanghai stir technology co., LTD.

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