Still use cellphone picture? Small local tyrants can have the autodyne drones!

(compile: Colin)

since the shaft already can’t satisfy you? Without remote control autodyne artifact Zano unmanned aerial vehicle (uav). The 55 g uav can automatically avoid obstacles, follow you, multiple Angle to meet you, don’t have to worry about but hold the camera pose.

a British company is building his flight of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), so that you can in your idle or attend cross-country bicycle, skateboard, and playing a scuba diving to you from above.

Zano miniature unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) has now been made into a prototype, is expected to put on the market next summer. In order to raise 125000 pounds to flight unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the manufacturer Torquing Group made a presentation on Kickstarter. Just at the time of writing this article, they raise the amount is more than 100000 pounds, and there are more than 30 days to them for raising, must have the final amount will be far more than the target.

Zano unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) 2.5 x 2.5 inches size, weight 55 grams, equipped with 5 million pixels high definition camera and a microphone, using the optical image stabilization technology taking pictures and video. The resolution of the images because of the limitation of the original bandwidth up to 720 p, 1080 p, but the resolution of the camera that is in the later update may provide a higher quality of the image.

in order to obtain a clearer image and sound, Zano is equipped with a large number of sensors to maintain the stability of indoor and outdoor. These sensors including GPS, avoid obstacles, sonar and infrared device control flying height of the barometer. It USES wi-fi put the images back to the user’s mobile devices, each battery can use 10 to 15 minutes. Its highest speed can reach 25 miles per hour (about 11 m/s), which, according to your using mobile devices as well as local regulations limit for unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), the operating range range from 15 to 30 meters.

when you use the “track” model, a variety of positioning sensors makes Zano their location can be determined according to the surrounding objects, so as to maintain a fixed with your mobile device. This means that it can automatically avoid obstacles, dispense with the trouble that you driving unmanned aerial vehicle (uav), why don’t you love it! Obviously Zano also can maintain a fixed location filming static image for you from a height, also can use paired with mobile device or application control it, Zano application can be used on iOS and Android.

in addition it also has more functions: by tracking fixed target tracking mode, face recognition, more drones same picture is taken by different point of view, these functions will be as a paid content provided after Zano application stores. It is priced at 139 to 220 pounds on Kickstarter, contains a period of 12 months after it went public free update service.

Zano behind before the team of engineers in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for the military and law enforcement agencies, research and development, from October 2013 started to research the autodyne uav project. Where are they now? Please see them on the Kickstarter page introduction:

Zano has flew on the day, to keep the position, avoid obstacles, pass the video to the intelligent equipment, shooting video and photos, but we are in the optimization of all these functions and user interface, and we’re going to have been before the market test and improvement program. We will be in Beta test in March 2015, hope to can enter production may!

A spokesman for the

the company just for they made a detailed description of the progress of the project, it is a long list, including the need to do many tests next year. In technology, they also completed flight frame circuit, including the installation of a SD card, perfecting the obstacle avoiding system, combined with GPS and audio board; To determine the plastic parts of the product shape, sent to molding and injection molding; Trial production of 500 Zano drones, to rule out any production problems; Be in about a month time adjust the firmware and the optimization of insurance, image processing, obstacles to avoid algorithm and so on to improve.

the same development on the agenda and the iOS and Android applications, contact regulator for UAC (American) flight company guidance to ensure that the function of the unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) within the scope of the law allows.

is need to emphasize that all financing projects, especially those related to hardware, the reality is always not as good as expected, so the plan is likely to be delayed. Of course, we wish Zano future smooth


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