Stick to the OR has been collected? Big held money Zheng Renjiang choose the thigh

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start is not familiar with the Zheng Renjiang, rarely heard, after all, have many years did not go to specialized courses in learning English, know this person because of YY last week an acquisition. Last Monday, YY’s independent online education brand 100 education announced the formation of 100 operations, at the same time, confirm the purchase Zheng Renjiang and his friends to education, science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Zheng Renjiang team). YY official and Zheng Renjiang disclosed specific transaction, after rumors of 300 million yuan.

simple queries found that after the next Zheng Renjiang resume Zheng Renjiang is a rich “invisible” in the field of network education. Has stayed in the new Oriental school and global ielts, then use YY tool in class and independence, become a famous ielts online training. Data shows, the current average monthly students about four thousand people, a monthly income of around 2 million, there are over ten people inside the company.

this performance for a small team is very good, good cash flow, high profits. But Zheng Renjiang eventually decided to set up a year and a half of the company joined the YY company, along with his arms on the thigh. What prompted him to make such a decision, no longer stick to the entrepreneurial dream and transform orbit? Coincidentally, another teacher liu hongbo recently chose to leave the YY education teaching channel, self-reliance portal dedicated to build your online school.

Zheng Renjiang

although online education boom gradually warming, this year not only startup, including big companies such as tencent, netease, and new Oriental has also begun to compete to dabble in. But an indisputable fact is that online education industry is still “much cry and little wool” status, product homogeneity serious, still did not get good feedback and interactive learning effect.

specific to Zheng Renjiang company, mainly rely on YY video open teaching mode. In his view, the simple video teaching mode era is over. “I live on just begin to do the ielts class, 12 years at the time of global operations, I would have recognized this.”

at present, used to prop up huge students online video learning YY education business at the same time, position in internal began to weaken. YY department Mao Yiding revealed that company in the near future in the entire online education strategy made some adjustments, YY education though still retain but do not focus on developing, more focus on education, 100, and 100 online school, among them, 100 online school belong to 100 education proprietary business, the main English language training, Zheng Ren will served as vice President.

in Zheng Renjiang opinion, your company’s products are single, online education is really lack of interactive link. He claim to be, not you don’t want to do, there are a lot of new ideas, but little cottage is looking for less than a good technical team, to implement stumbles. in May this year, for example, Zheng Renjiang is going to create your own BBS and website. But, in his small workshops, the size of the three months did not recruit the ideal technical personnel.

after contact with YY company found that the two sides are more fit, one platform technology and products to build capacity, the other party shall have the profound insight of education, after 4 months, the two sides eventually go together. At this point, his team attached to the platform picked up a thigh, because in his eyes, and have yet to see a little thigh success.

“education industry and other industry is different, you can see in other industries that psychological strong, strong or how, the feeling of entrepreneurship, is very scarce in the education industry, general is there, not so love for people.” Zheng Renjiang such a summary, and called himself a wonderful work, love.

compared Zheng Renjiang, liu hongbo fame earlier in the ielts training industry. After start your learning online school also has received the domestic Internet companies, or even 100 education ‘willingness to buy. However, he declined. More fortunately, he was hired a famous video website smoothly technical director to do the CTO, and quickly formed a technical team.

at present, Zheng Renjiang did not disclose the online education ideal new product is what kind of form, did not explain how to build this product requires the manpower and financial resources. Just, he finally decided to put the idea into practice chance until 100 of education. Judging from the current position, Zheng Ren 100 will serve as vice President of operations, to spend more time on the product to build and operate. He predicts that after three months, the product or the initial appearance.

if you don’t want to guess what it is a product, or can we get some information from the dialogue with Zheng Renjiang, to watch his part of online education problems and trends now view:

1, about the free: I don’t particularly support pure free, free means no value , free means very low attendance, did not produce any real learning. You only pay the fee, you will insist, pay is a kind of confirmation, is a kind of commitment. (Zheng Renjiang previous team also did some free content, content double the charge operations. In addition, YY has also announced earlier this year to carry out free mode.)

2, the online teaching, though it is not the real “online education” , just put the offline of large online to speak, if existing products is 100 words, I can only give his 10 points. But now, they would have done more intelligent products through technology.

3, in the aspect of products in the future, or will be sent to you by big data and intelligent systems, sentenced to fault analysis was carried out on the student’s examination paper , improve the learning efficiency, and that with teaching cannot be achieved.

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