Steve hunt morning cloud 】 【 patent application, Microsoft acquisition Acompli


the apple is red, all kinds of messages fly continuously

after the iPhone 6 goods such as time to an average of seven to ten working days, the iPhone 6 Plus even need to wait for a month. As western black Friday, the Christmas shopping season approaching, apple began to adjust their delivery cycle, legal channels iPhone 6, iPhone Plus delivery cycle change, such as delivery time reduced to 3-5 working days.

according to the reading and video applications Pocket the latest research report shows that the new apple iPhone smartphone 6 and iPhone Plus the user time for reading phone store content increased, even if it also owns and use of the device is no exception. That is to say, display more phones will bear part of the function, use the reason to reduce to users.

apple’s stock growth mainly depends on the iPhone, but as the market gradually saturated, apple may encounter bottlenecks. Company apple iPhone sales accounted for more than half of the total, and the new iPhone 6 have significant updates in the aspects of hardware and software, therefore, analysts generally expect apple iPhone upgrade cycle will slow down in 2015. Apple’s expansion in China will continue to be a catalyst for iPhone sales growth. But other smartphone makers apple faces increasingly fierce competition, these manufacturers adopt low price strategy, could pose a threat to apple’s regional strategy. Wall Street’s expectations Apple smart Watch Watch will become a new engine of Apple’s revenue growth, but Apple watches also face the risk of consumers to purchase desire is low.

the iPhone 5 c will completely shut down in the middle of 2015. Before the half a year time, contract manufacturer foxconn and wistron will gradually reduce production. Apple iPhone 5 c, as a relatively cheap version to complement the iPhone 5 s. But consumers are not buying it, they are more likely to buy price higher iPhone 5 s, production of apple will focus to the latter.

iCracked is a company founded in 2010 in silicon valley, for mobile phone and tablet computer maintenance and scrappage on-demand service, the main business is to provide maintenance services for apple devices. Today, the company has the service object to expand to more devices, such as samsung devices, etc. In the United States market, iCracked company also has developed a new service, namely recycling old cell phones. Now that iCracked company has officially the service promotion to the UK market, it will be more than 30 skilled workers is arranged in the London market, in order to ensure to provide perfect service for the region, and plan to sometime next year will recycling business to expand into the UK market.

Ronald Wayne is a co-founder of apple, and the company was founded at the beginning of the play an important role. Now Wayne plans to his collection for many years, with the company related to development of early auction off some private documents. Auction items include the instruction manual of the first generation of Apple I and many of the earliest design drawings and the second generation of Apple computer’s some planning documents. There are Apple II some booking sheet.

maybe you may not know, in jobs alive, we enjoyed his talent and innovation, and three years after his death, we also share in his “legacy”. Some statistics, since his death in 2011, Mr. Jobs again “get” 141 patents, and in the future this number will continue to do so… Can say, whether alive or dead, Steve jobs for apple products, even to the entire patent, that is, its influence is rare today.

some people alive, he was already dead, some died, but still alive. Great Steve, you live in our hearts forever, although I still can’t afford to buy apple. Well, I say is can’t afford to eat the apple.

Microsoft acquisition mail startups Acompli

Microsoft corporate vice President rajesh, ha official blog announced in advance in the company, the Microsoft developer Acompli bought email service. It actually just like many other companies, is a very interesting aimed at reshaping the email of the company. The company by JJ, Kevin zhang heng dirksen, and jewell salter, luo, the company will file in a single mobile applications to share together, calendar and E-mail.

Acompli could be seen as the expansion of the email rather than the disruptors, took a similar Mailbox has been Dropbox () method — mobile end of existing enterprise email service. Earlier this year the company financing by $7.3 million, and the set up time to 1 year. So early get acquired (assuming that it’s true), is not that Microsoft really need, is that the company is difficult to find a way to get the income.

Microsoft is in the bargain, or really think this is regarded as the expansion of the E-mail company can supplement their short board? Cloud network think hunting, if really can’t find the source of income, also can only be acquired.

the eu wants “forgotten” globally applicable

the European privacy regulators want, when they exercise their eu court ruled that the right of “forgotten”, such as Google and Microsoft’s Bing Internet search engine to delete the search results in the global scope, and not just in Europe. On Wednesday, the European Union privacy regulators to agree on a set of guidelines, to help people to better exercise their right to “forgotten”. Is the so-called “right to be forgotten”, when people think about personal information “inadequate, irrelevant, or no longer applicable, shall have the right to demand that search engine in the search results will be deleted.

Google dominates in the Internet search market, the company in performing their right of “forgotten”, has been only delete the European version of the site’s search results, Google, these sites including France fr or German Google. DE and so on, this means that the deleted the search results will still appear on the

Google not to cry, when you are forced to leave China, now it is bullied by them in Europe. Come on, hunting cloud network waiting for you to go beyond apple yet.

Fitbit big push into Asian market next year

the Fitbit plan next year, wearable equipment manufacturers into markets such as India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan, so as to realize a major expansion in Asia. Fitbit production fitness wristbands can track the user’s daily activity, according to market research firm NPD, in January to may this year, the company fitness tracking market dominant in the United States, its market share reached 69%. Now, Fitbit is the line of sight into the Asian market. Earlier this year, the American company hired the first vice President responsible for the Asian market, set up a team, in order to promote business growth in the region.

in order to win the favour of fashionable users, yolanda? Chen said the company still negotiation with some fashion designers and fashion brands, plans to launch cross-border products, because the company has already seen by American fashion brand torrey Burch (Tory ‘Burch) design of Fitbit accessories there is strong demand.

millet, are you ready, what is your 79 bracelets in Fitbit eyes, do you know? As the ancestor of the bracelet, the foreign monks can read well local classics, hunting cloud network and everybody see next year.

barack Obama signed the bill of rights: allow electronic equipment not labeling

United States President Barack Obama (Barack Obama) has on Thursday to the electronic Label rights Act (E – Label Act) signed into law, the law allows electronic equipment manufacturers to the FCC (federal communications commission) authentication marks, ID number and other information on the software menu display, without the need to print or stick on the device.

fisher and Rockefeller, two people argue that this change can make electronic products more easy to production, and also can reduce production cost. Two people also said, for smart watches and other small electronic devices, this change will be very useful, because it is can be used to accommodate the label space is less. However, this does not mean that certain electronic devices don’t need to label. Some areas require need label in local sales of electronic equipment, such as the European “CE” label, but depends on what kind of equipment is specific.

tag can be posted, not the U.S. government how sweet, the details can be thought of.

shanda games sale of a controlling stake: Chen is no longer as chairman

before shanda’s controlling shareholder shanda has informed shanda, shanda network a wholly owned subsidiary of SDG investment co., LTD., completed to pile in kuta investment holdings (Hong Kong) co., LTD., to sell 48.75 million 9187 shares of class B common stock.

personnel changes: 1, the exit Chen tianqiao shanda’s board of directors, the outgoing chairman of shanda games, at the same time, the outgoing shanda compensation committee, enterprise development and finance committee chairman. 2, acting CEO zhang for front chairman of shanda games, concurrently hold the position of the compensation committee, enterprise development and finance committee chairman. 3, boc flocking industry chairman sheng-ming ma, served as director of shanda games. 4, shanda director Yao Li as shanda compensation committee, corporate development and finance committee members.

tour charter travel online platform chopsticks, obtain ten million yuan of the plum blossom venture investment

charter travel booking travel APP chopsticks android version is launched, chopsticks travel advocate hire services, to provide tourists in the tourist destination vehicles, drivers, tour guide, to provide more convenient and authentic travel experience. The chopsticks trip charter services have covered more than 200 cities in 36 countries around the world, including 60 domestic cities, 164 foreign cities, charter business mainly through the cooperation with local normal travel.

chopsticks travel through WeChat number operation stage, the public has received 2 million yuan from micro XinHai angel rounds of financing, has received the plum flower of venture investment Pre – A round of tens of millions of yuan. Chopsticks travel founder zhu water flourishing, while expanding charter service coverage, chopsticks to align it travel service standardization, system connect seamlessly and establish a service access, specification, incentive and evaluation mechanism.

Allen wu: to ecosystem ARM needs self restriction

A R M currently valued at $19.2 billion, 2014 q revenue 3 3. $200 million, by contrast, Intel’s market capitalisation of $167.2 billion, 2014 q 3 revenue in 14.6 billion, qualcomm is valued at $117.2 billion, 2014 q 3 revenue 2014. $100 million. From the body, A R M completely with the latter two, but on the market position, A R M 95% mobile chip architecture technology, qualcomm, mediatek chips in A R M architectural production, in the mobile market of Intel’s appeal is not weak in the PC era.

but upstream of A R M to chip design, never to the manufacturing sector, 91% of its revenue from the architecture technology licensing royalties. In SMW reporter in an interview, Allen wu said, don’t do manufacturing is A R M for their business logic must pay the price. “A R M A start is not money, is to prop up by partners, so from the beginning of business logic is the form of ecosystem, in order not to rob your job with our cooperative partners, and our ego restriction to the downstream extension, can’t break the bottom line.”

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