Startup real-name reporting phoenix net top a bribe

the phoenix liu and leaders: hello!

report real name phoenix net property so-and-so extorting bribes, head of the truth.

I for zhejiang so-and-so media group’s subsidiary company. In learning phoenix property to carry out the business after the local station, because very recognition of phoenix TV brand and enterprise culture, so hope to be able to take this opportunity to cooperation with the website.

after consulting, we learn that in charge of this part of the line is in charge of the phoenix net so-and-so, therefore in December 11, 2014, our operations director guo total by telephone contact met with such and such, and under the so-and-so cues, we give someone had brought a valuable high-end gifts: senior 7600 yuan worth of hermes scarves, value $5000 gift card to a new world department store. In paid over into someone very readily accepted the gift, and oral promised to help us deal with the order of the phoenix property ningbo station, wenzhou station to join us. We were very believe so-and-so’s commitment, and ready to invite someone to the local inspection.

but from December 11, until now has been almost half a month in the past, we according to the requirements of such and such to phoenix yue always submit the application materials have been no news, we have according to the yue always give the email address send mail, but yue always citing are not yet received the material has not been with us for the next step of work. Not only that, after we know, a phoenix property here is a national agency company, ningbo and wenzhou region’s business has been took over by the company. Ningbo local have candidates joining trader, the joining trader has formed a team.

and we have been in the local including funds, personnel, guest feeling a lot of inputs such as maintenance, it caused huge losses of our money and company reputation has also been a big question!

in the backdrop of the national anti-corruption, XXX of this kind of practice is really make us feel confused and angry, we don’t think so-and-so from the start, in accordance with the normal way to communicate with our normal business, with the help of the hands of the right extorting bribes, making empty promises! We hope this is just the individual behavior of XXX, we still trust the phoenix net is a honest, open, the progress of large platform.
Hope the website can attach importance to the leadership of our real-name reporting, also hope to phoenix nets to the leadership of the justice fair deal with this.

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