Startup ideas for VC is not important!

hunting cloud network note: entrepreneurs before startup, must first to think about what you’re doing, idea is produced at this moment. Idea is important? If entrepreneurs have a very good idea, whether can easy access to investment opportunities? Some entrepreneurs in order to prevent others “plagiarism” idea, when talking about financing also requires a VC to sign confidentiality agreement, VC and how do think about this matter? Author zhi-chao sun believes that ideas for VC, isn’t important at all. To see his opinion.

the author: zhi-chao sun (WeChat ID: game_developer)

today met two extreme contrast of entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur details required to show BP signed NDA before, said before the introduction to angel investors, looking for friends to do the same thing. Another entrepreneur, very open to show their own ideas, although very strange flower, but they decided that the first no one copy, the second this is why they can success.

business model is important? Of course! Entrepreneur in the venture in proportion to the most worried about things before, respectively is: there is not enough money, for industry in business direction or not sure, can not find a suitable business partners, worry no awareness, worry to find customers, continuous innovation. In fact? Entrepreneurship and found the most difficult things in proportion to row, respectively is: find business direction or put into industry error after startup, financial liquidity problems, find customers, disagreement with a partner, without innovation products and enterprises without awareness, etc. Chosen the wrong direction, it’s to late!

first for the former. In the field of business as cruel as combat, when an entrepreneur thinks his lack of confidence to win a 6-5 in direct confrontation, in plain English, he also don’t have enough courage to think I can plan to perform to the best.

a VC received every year tens of thousands of copies of a business plan, more than 90% are reproducible idea or plan. If the two companies with similar ideas for VC, VC finally decided to invest in A and B refusal. If signed NDA (non-disclosure agreement), B may be taken for granted that VC to copy their ideas to set up A company, then VC trouble is likely to be sued.

VC operation process is the process of building trust, between entrepreneurs and investors must build up mutual trust. If the assumption that partners will breach of trust from the start, it is a bad start, let alone the result.

for startups, no threshold have? We should not have to find ways to build what things make others can’t copy, because the copy is the “stop”. The only way is to create more things to let each other go to copy. ,

can copy everything in the world, the only thing cannot be copied directly go is “speed”. You go ahead, people will copy in the back. If someone is copying you panic, you have “done”. Do companies, the best is not someone say you how great, but someone said nothing, just silently to go home, the next day to make a copy of your things. And because there are better in behind, you feel “exciting”.

of course, at the beginning of the contact with VC, there’s no need for entrepreneurs to give too much details to VC. If the details of the VC demanded to know too much, so may suggest that the other party: we already a business partner?

on the other hand, if you really think your idea is a jewel of great price, then maybe can not find the VC, since can’t afford to confidential leakage loss, just don’t let it have the chance to leak.

to summarize: VC does not sign the NDA, is everyone knows the law, don’t really have to explore the significance of.


again for the latter. Sound preposterous idea at the beginning of the last big did not a few. “Put your own house or a room to strangers”, what do you think I’m not sure, but someone whose founder Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia initially when making a presentation, most VC think this idea is too ridiculous. Silicon valley famous leading investors Fred Wilson wrote articles to explain why he missed the chance of an investment, when YC Graham was also an attempt to persuade Fred investment, but because this idea is so weird, Fred finally chose to give up. He was very sorry.

also, burn after reading social tools, isn’t it just sounds funny, too?

sounds ridiculous but sometimes might just meet the needs of to a certain group of users, and it sounds more ridiculous idea early more rare rivals, relative to the greater the chance of success may also. But… This idea can finally success and absurd or not don’t have any relevance.

the key to success, depends on how entrepreneurs can be noticed that the average person ignore the key, can have some degree of expertise or know how. On the entrepreneurial projects, “the key is the only you know what, but other wise men did not focus on the”. Like for the founder of reality, they have a long time at my friend home and spend the night with a stranger, so they know and believe that this new experience can be fun. If you can’t answer that question in front of the very specifically, I find it hard to believe that you go in the right way.

most of the time, the success of start-ups appear, because its founder to see other people does not see, and in their opinion is obvious. Later, they may find that they found before that idea is, indeed, many other blind spots, and from this point of efforts began. But when successful entrepreneurial company officially launched the moment, most of its innovation is unconscious.

Google’s Larry Page to just search the web, but unlike most people, he is a leading technical aspects of knowledge, which made him not only found the shortage of the existing search engine, also know how to improve. In the next few years, Google’s problems become everyone’s problems. When all the other people to realize the importance of search, Google has been firmly in a favorable position.

if you are in a certain area, the core competitiveness to match, will have the power of the infinite, learn up will be very easy, make you like a duck to water in this area. The idea itself, far less important.


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