Startup guide: how to quickly get the angel investment?

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when you are with to search for startup capital, angel investors are like god give you unexpected surprises. But, want to raise money from the hand of the angel investors, but also is not easy, at least not as easy.

in order to further understand how to successfully funding from angel investors, we interviewed twelve successful entrepreneurs from the youth entrepreneurship council. An interview, I asked them the same question:

if I want to be successful from angel investors to raise funds, what a thing is worth me to pay attention to?

they answer is as follows:

1. You will be hitting want to jump off a building

there are a variety of reasons can make the angel investors to sell, and at the same time in order to get a “yes”, you have to go to create a series of persuasive opportunity to attract their attention. You may get from those potential investors or positive or negative answer. But remember, don’t let these or affected as a result of good or bad you fight all day long. Because even the best idea, 95% of the negotiation results still can make you depressed. But it is not important, as long as have a definite answer, you can start a business. -,

2. You need to figure out what they want is

angel investors generally only care about two things: first, they’re very interested in the project team and firmly believe that only those members contribute to the development of the project; Second, they are very bullish on the product development space and great prospects. Make sure your angel investors is the investors according to the normal play. Because for a little bit of money paid far more than the value of equity or control such things happen. -,

3. Ready to “be careful”

Poshly investors include some of the permanent angel group. We note that, after the successful bid, these investors like to closely review by investments. Prepared in advance all the financial statements, financial forecasts, references and the evaluation of competitive will help you smoothly through the review process, so as to let you as soon as possible and investors investment agreement. -,

4. But, you also need to “review audit” angels

like investors to review for you, you also need to know about your investors do as much as possible. Each amount jindu has its purpose, more consulting references as well as with the other chat support from entrepreneurs from the investors, it is very necessary. Especially focus on the failure or not achieve expected results of entrepreneurs, and they talk about the story between they and their investors have a good harvest. -,

5. Woo that only 20% of the angel is enough

the angel investment network gathered a large group of investors has the resources, power, they were there listening to entrepreneurs. This may seem a little difficult — what do you want to put your plan successfully instilled in one of many in the audience. But we’ve won two angels group of investment success. What we do is to simply assume that 80% of people in the room not interested, while the energy mainly concentrated in the remaining 20% — those who will listen to us. But that 20% of the population, is a lucky pool filled with potential investors. -,

6. You must know how much money you need

clearly understand how much you need to raise capital and used to do. Clearly understand why you need so many money, and have the ability to predict when can reach the break-even point. Clearly see your profit model, to find out the loophole. Figure out these questions, in you to investors sell your business plan will make you more persuasive. -,

7. Angel investment is not only a dollar, or your helper

when you get money from angel investors, what will matter is not how much money do you get from him but because of who you investors. Most angel investors once business owners or entrepreneurs, or both. Select a feedback to give you the biggest investors. A passionate investors in startup the road will give you good advice and help, can make your business get twice the result with half the effort. -,

8. To think of yourself as the “buy insurance”

your investors are your customers. Therefore, to treat you like maintaining a sales cycle fundraiser. Every investor long-term training and need to continue to follow up, just like you treat your potential sales customer. Before investors decided to invest in, and after that, when the heart communication is the key to obtain the trust of investors. Every month we will email to current and future investors to report progress of the project, tell them where we need help, we plan to do something again. -,

9. Angel investors are more concerned about why, rather than do

people don’t care what you do, they’re more concerned about why you do so. Share with them as much as possible in your task belongs to that part of the “why”. It is more important than what you are trying to solve the difficulties of. Tell them why you cling to solve this difficulty, tell them what kind of success is of great significance to you. -,

10. Want to find like-minded investors

focus and those in your industry have a certain understanding or experience or very interested investors keep communication. Every investor has their personal experience, if your company’s domain or industry exactly investors have had any previous experience success or investors have very deep understanding and experience, so the possibility of investment attract them will increase greatly. -,

11. Ability can’t loss to the angels on the wine table

they are rich and have a lot of experience – awesome! But this does not mean that such an angel investors is also a perfect business partner. There are many companies to go downhill not because of money or management problem, precisely because of interpersonal relationships. However, entrepreneurs are often easy to ignore one thing: in terms of investment sign his name means the beginning of the cooperation relationship. If it is a suitable investors, you have to spend a lot of time to work with him. So, make sure your investors taking beer test. But first you have to determine your ability to talk about business on the wine table does not lose to your investors. -,

12. Good faith is supreme

potential investors to open to you, loyal to you also. Don’t to investors who may give you investment or those who believe that you will make progress in the near future people hide any information. Once you deceive them, light beatings to you, or your company will likely face prosecution. At the same time, faces the reality bravely and truly evaluate the value of my own company. Many entrepreneurs in the first place because too confident and overestimate the power of their company. -,


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