‘startup early maturity – fast legal online business growing class of new products

is a focus on business legal service website, released in October six new “quick quick angels, social security, personnel, patents, industrial and commercial change, copyright”.

team to hunt cloud network said the new products are still focus on entrepreneurship legal services, and it is mainly aimed at the growth law of venture enterprises products, fast legal service category is subdivided into four areas: company registration, legal contracts, intellectual property rights, the company’s business.

fast legal since the site launched in June, has nearly 1000 business services and small micro enterprise, with the thoughtful service experience, intelligence legal service system, to help entrepreneurs to save time and cost, all kinds of service details, such as each registered company’s customers will have a legal service book) improve the quality of the service, and gradually formed in the course of the entrepreneurs of first-tier cities. Team said, at present the most start-ups has become a quick justice of loyal customers, and feedback the needs of other legal services.

fast legal issue of entrepreneurial legal products online, received the feedback of the entrepreneurs of all walks of life to meet the startup: registered company/brand, bookkeeping agency, partnership agreement, etc. After the basic demand, need some chips in the enterprise into the perfect custom-made services, and so was born the specifically for the enterprise to solve all legal issues in the angel round investment and financing “angel”, issued by specialized labor personnel, non-compete, commercial confidentiality solutions such as “personnel”, and deal with social security and accumulation fund account for entrepreneurial teams and acting capture “social security” and other new products.

it is reported that on October launch of new products mainly for growth-oriented start-up companies, because the company is in high-speed development period, in all aspects related to the law needs to be standardized, as far as possible in the bud is legal compliance, so enterprise after growing wouldn’t cause a series of potential legal risks.

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