Stanford entrepreneurship courses: 11 experience of silicon valley bosses to entrepreneurs

Stanford opened a technology from silicon valley’s most successful startup founder teaching entrepreneurial class. This course was crowded with people on the first day, Sam Altman will reveal some of his famous investors in the incubator Y Combinator, a professor at the secret of ambitious entrepreneurs, skill. This course through the network to invite a lot of the billions of assets the company established a guest lecturer.

Sam Altman is a famous Y Combinator alone, he was YC employ one of the first entrepreneurs, he runs his own popularity of blogs, he is the computer science department of Stanford dropout, he has an $43 million deal to buy Green Dot location services, founder of Loopt, he is an angel investor, also, he is full of 29 years old.

for your convenience, this article summarizes the essence for you 11 business advice.

“you never to start a business, business. There are many ways to become rich. Passion is the first, entrepreneurship is the second.”

Altman and Moskovitz agreed that in order to make money and business, basically difficult, difficult to achieve at least for a long time. Moskovitz shows a diagram shows a wise man working in a billions of assets of the company to earn money, is likely to start a company there are a lot of people more than they are.

in silicon valley, there is a lot faster way to become a millionaire, and that with 10 years of life than you to risk one idea to the insurance has not yet been confirmed.

all in all, man without courage and insight, it is best not to entrepreneurial impulse.

“day will drop responsibility on has. You have been selected to do the world needs. If you do not need by the world, that it doesn’t matter, as long as you have the ability to let you do things will be, the world needs it.”

a lot of people think entrepreneurs should have cannot escape on their own point of view of enthusiasm, Moskovitz is in response to the regular theme. Unless you feel like you don’t have this product will not be able to live, you can’t spend your company probably the most difficult time, you absolutely can’t recruit employees who are willing to follow you.

“most great company from a great idea, rather than a fulcrum, if you just want to do a certain protection business, so what do you usually do not grow into a big company.”

entrepreneurs can go to a company, have a mediocre idea and then be a glamorous winners. Altman reject the myth, this is not possible. He says the main fulcrum almost failed. Those successful protection will often change direction near the founder aims to solve the problem.

“idea is first, business is secondary. If you have several look good idea, when you don’t want to work, do you most often think of that idea.”

to solve many problems are common. But you can’t stop thinking about solving a problem is unusual.

“you need is a big market in the next 10 years. This is the biggest most entrepreneurs make one of systematic errors. Many entrepreneurs to consider only the growth of the company itself, but they never think about the growth of the market.”

Peter Thiel suggested that companies try to become a monopoly position. Have their own industry. The only way to become a rich monopolists is in a very large in the next five to 10 years in the industry occupies a large share.

“in general, the best thing you can do is to establish a you need. You know your products from the start, and user communication after countless times to understand your product better.”

“if you want to use more than one sentence to explain what you are doing, you now the biggest problem is that you want to do is too complex.”

“want to be more successful than competitors, to find on the founder of ability is the key.”

as a social butterfly. No partner to help it’s hard to run a startup. Facebook, Paypal and Google co-founder has very good relationship, many of them are through social cognition.

“when real entrepreneurial success tells the story of their startup, almost always say their business, how is sitting in front of the computer all day working for their products, or worn out mouth to talk with customers. This almost all their time. They have little to do other things.”

“to make a few users favorite product is better than to most users like products.”

“really good ideas at the outset looks very bad. Looks real good ideas are not worth of plagiarism.”

most obvious and compelling idea already by large companies to achieve. Startup competition space looks crazy but unexpectedly good.

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