Staff: why do you want to do with you? Shi yuzhu 24 years 10 result with team

from the giant Chinese card to the giant building, from the brain platinum and gold partner, shi yuzhu is one of the founders of the legendary. He used to be students at entrepreneurial talent, has also been countless entrepreneurs to take the typical failure. But in both peak and trough, he has a group of loyal employees, accompanied him back, even if is the time to send out pay also. In today’s high talent turnover, this had to let us reflect, shi yuzhu how with team?

1. The start-up stage, equity cannot disperse

private enterprises, in those early days, equity must not be scattered. To a certain size, can diffuse ownership, especially after listed, equity should be more diffuse. However, decided the Chinese nationalism, the early days, in the beginning, can’t do like five elder brothers son, everyone shares in the 1/5 – this company ten nine is an accident. Internal struggle, as long as a turn for the better, if the company when I was a child, did not make money, everybody is good, if a money, it is easy to division within.

2. The team also has test for leaders

a team is good, first of all, as a core character your boss is doing is not straight, you do not, the team will certainly. First of all they will look at you, first you are a haggle over every ounce of a person, you don’t magnanimous, if it is a petty person, a trouble, they will leave you for sure.

the second point to the person you really don’t sincere, you men are not sincere to you. If you don’t sincere men to you heart, you’ll be on your words and deeds show it.

I feel, I a lot of shortcomings, but I am sincere with my subordinates, such easy to establish a trust each other.

3. To understand why employees want to do with you

as I will be thinking about employees, why did he want to work for me? Feelings sometimes have irreplaceability, in addition to emotional factors, he followed the main pursuit of what you do? List carefully, can list a few points, but I think it is one of the most important two points: first of all income, whether his personal improvement, this past may we ashamed, including my business for the first time, always with the dedication to work, want to dilute the enterprise culture, in fact it is not right.

I think as a boss in the mind to understand is seeking truth from facts speak out loudly, he followed me with what to do, is for the money.

this is very valid for money, I do with you, I want to get a good income, I want to improve my life, I want to improve my quality of life. Since very proper, you can go on the desktop, when conditions permit should satisfy him, and how much contribution he what you should give him in return, so superior to subordinate must not be empty. Employees should get money must be to bring him, in addition to normal should get the money, if he has a contribution you still want to give special benefits, this is the first point.

the second is the realization of individual value pursuit, the associated with I said before the dedication to work, he always wants to personal value realization recognised by superiors, colleagues and peers, you are about to create such an environment, such a condition, you should set the stage for him.

4. Don’t use airborne troops

which man is an MBA graduates, outside is a sea turtles, how much this people skill, then hired to do the general manager, we don’t do such a thing. Not to say that he had no ability, but due to the characteristics of many enterprises in China.

now looking back on it, for the past ten years, at least five years ago, who introduced in this way, China’s corporate success probability is very small.

why fail? Is he could be very capable, but is there a skill is relative. A surgeon, for example, in his surgery, he is a talent, he ran to the store, want to be a sales personnel, he may still be inferior to a primary school. He is not a talent, his talent is relative.

every enterprise has its own characteristics, every enterprise has its own unique culture. In other enterprises, is a talent, can only say that in the specific environment, is a talent. Change an environment, you don’t have to be talent.

a again, in the process of enterprise development, you have accumulated a team, if the person is a talent, but the original team according to Chinese traditional culture, will not accept him. Boss, chairman, again how you help him, as long as the middle-level cadres to resist him, as long as everyone in the heart a little resistance points, he is underway. You no matter, as long as everyone against you, you didn’t also the way. But you can’t bring in a sea, will replace all the past all, also impossible.

there is a reason, now the outside high-profile talent, in fact there are a lot of also is not necessarily true talent. Because is true talent people, tend to be quiet. In fact, the real talent rarely say this sentence, “I’m very capable.

I see me in the past made people, very few people can really do that my level is high, I how, anyone directly say my level is very high, the last, no one is talent, because he is satisfied.

5. Candidate standard: red and designed

red, show good character; Specifically refers to his business. In fact this is two ways, in fact, any one team, you have someone around, is to find the right person, red and were found.

red, I want to experience a bit of a person, actually his personality early or can see; Specifically, in fact largely related to culture. If you give him put the position, but I do not authorize to him, that he never be designed. You want to put him in that position, but also authorized to him, and then training him.

of course I have a characteristic, actually, I am quite conservative. General key positions of choose and employ persons, and I are in more than 10 years with me, like liu wei has been nearly 20 years with me. Several key positions, follow me almost 15 years or more. This kind of person, you probably know the ability and with you 3 years you have been very clear, the problem of red natural solved.

6. Full of official authorization

make the most informed decisions. Like a giant at peak or at the time of trough, has not been a traitor. Send out pay wasn’t out of a traitor, I think this is related to the us.

the real giant cadres never spoke out against the giant, it has to do with these cadres are fully authorized quite a relationship. Full authorization is not just for the sake of that, in addition, the company will improve work efficiency, an enterprise under the condition of the same number, the contribution is higher.

we used tube of the national market, the monthly sales when 340 million headquarters, more than 300 people engaged in management. Now has more than 10 sales a year, all of our headquarters to implement management really only a dozen, but is also very good, but he has the right to everyone. A person with the job of a few people, he has the power, and take two personal salary, so he is happy, and high efficiency.

7. To allow the human error

choose and employ persons, he may be 70, I may be 90, I authorize, I will endure the 20 points. Have to endure, I also can bear. Like I said earlier, health wine, I will not see. Do is to be able to do this, but I always feel, finally the profit contribution to the company, platinum will be much smaller than its brain.

although I think not, but in their decision-making power. Finally they did, of course, also can’t say failure, but also not success, so they also felt that I was later tip is right. But a tuition that is not good? Next time don’t do that.

8. Introduction of tactical talent, introducing strategic talent less

don’t need a lot of enterprise strategies, if there are too many people in a corporate strategies, will be together all day long. Who is to formulate strategic? Is the chairman of the board of directors of the company, he decide. Then he is responsible for asking around news, developing knowledge; Like to read, run the economists to today, tomorrow to run that entrepreneurs to communicate; Side then arrange several consultants or officials, were sent to culture. I have been training a lot of talent strategy, but then are left.

self-styled strategists tend to level is not high, because it is invisible, intangible, can’t confirm. And tactical problem is, you do it is to be concluded, you do not to come out is not to do.

9. Only the credit does not recognize hard work

hard work is no contribution to an enterprise, it will not bring any profit. But the Chinese culture, the tradition is often said that I have no merit and hard work. So you want to bring up the words clearly, deny, hard work, we only recognize the credit enterprise by instilling it, once approved, so the efficiency of the enterprise will naturally high.
10. Do not say, said must do

this is our China many bad habits, like really, love to boast, especially who to boast higher, also has a superior to subordinate malarkey. In such an atmosphere, the enterprise, there is no trust between higher and lower, distrust, in the long run is bound to be so. This one is I talk to Mr Liu.

once you put the culture from a high level, as the slogan, every time the with higher levels clap breast, submitted to the next month how much do I have to complete the sales task, he would carefully, we reported less reluctant to him, but how much you quoted must be completed. So, a company on, on, once the atmosphere build, the atmosphere is also very healthy.

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