Square to move a step forward again: melting at $100 million, the valuation has risen by $10

(/horse relief yi wen)

a lot of startups history is full of hardships and tears, but like Square, from the silent and no one to fall from the bottom to the struggling example is really feeling letting a person.

and after that trouble, foreign media recently, Square gongs $100 million in financing, valued at $6 billion.

it is understood that as a financing deal, Square took out 6.4 million shares, valued at $15.46 per share. This number is $11.01 in 2012. Media reported in April this year, the Square has received $225 million in loans, debt at the time of the company in the secondary market valuation of $5 billion.

last year, the Square lost $one hundred million. To make ends meet even the media and spread Square will be looking to sell. Intriguing, but it was not long ago, Square is also expected to apply for IPO this year.

there are many reason of the decline of Square. However, jack dorsey, the genius type character did not lay down and die. Recently, the Square has launched microfinance, fast food reserve such as diversified business model. We hope that these efforts can make a Square continue to go on.

however, the final result and who knows, after all, Square ever seems to be the most powerful enemy, and the Apple Pay may again make Square foot fall abyss.

it’s interesting that TechCrunch exclusive news today, apple had earlier to $3 billion bid for Square. But many west seems to think the apple is too stingy, he felt Square, again how also can’t sell so cheap…

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