Splash CEO shen bo chat activity 】 【 hardware business

twelfth hunting cloud network “entrepreneurial public class” we invited to splash CEO shen bo, talk about what hardware business

simple know shen bo, 2010, in nokia and Siemens company previously held the position of director of architecture of entrepreneurship, shen bo back to chengdu with self-raised 3 million start-up capital formed a dynamic information technology co., LTD., lock the “cloud” mode of network consumer electronic products. When the ring was born plump hand, shen bo has been on the “cloud” model fitness has groped for three years, bracelet was his fourth generation product. Has sold about 2012 WuLiuWanGe terminal product, maintained nearly doubled every year growth rate.

now plump hand ring has been recognized as the industry’s first domestic wearable devices, baidu wearable device first find the want to do is plump. Plump hand ring operator splash net gained great investment one hundred million yuan, deep venture capital and become the domestic leader in the field of wearable devices.

this guests: plump, chief executive of shen bo
Current theme: hardware business review and outlook
Time: 10 on 25th (Saturday)
location: Beijing dongcheng district galactic SOHO chaoyang gate street building room 50618, sino-us entrepreneurship center south 6 layer dajie (subway station G)

Friendship support activities: line idlers connected Internet salon will push youku IT ear wire drawing activity, miller,
Platform support: the house is business development research centre, limit the number: 50 people (completely free)
Participants communication group of QQ 169251298 (please indicate the hunting cloud network entrepreneurship courses add)

13:30-14 point sign in

14 points – 15 speaker

15-16 point audience questions, answer guest

16-17 PM tea, free exchange

completely free, hunting cloud network public class USES the registration system.

the preferred application methods: send the registration information to hunt cloud network mailbox lieyunwang@gmail.com

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