Spirit’s blue NOTE have been identified, the spirit’s blue would be like

on December 23, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

the ministry web site, as well as his photographers continue to show his shadow of a doubt, has taken the meizu one thousand yuan of new machine spirit’s blue NOTE the exposure of the exposure, configure basic is certain:

screen: 5.5 -inch 1920 * 1080 resolution 16:9 OGS full joint general screen (not with the usual meizu TOL put full joint screen)

processor: 1.7 GHz (basic can determine is 64 mediatek MTK6752) eight core processor

storage: 2 gb RAM + 16 gb ROM (does not support extended)

camera: pre – 5 million pixels, the rear 13 million pixels (flash) with double color temperature

network system: the td-scdma LTE/LTE FDD/td-scdma/GSM

battery: 3050 mah sealed


system: based on the Android 4.4.4 Flyme4.1

the price is 799 or 999? For the afternoon, let alone 1299. Meizu has held a conference to said he attaches great importance to the market crowd.

of course, the light does not represent a conference is really seriously, later can’t buy is one of the most important question! But meizu is worthy of trust, (of course the premise is you know the meizu goods generally spread in the offline store), also hard to get the MX4 online, long before can already made a reservation in store and pick up the goods directly.

before I call a few stores, all mean gray can pick up the goods, some stores can directly take delivery gold edition version, white, silver wing edition.

then, meizu have with red rice NOTE against product, still remain a red rice? The legendary 4.4 inches, incarnate of 699 blue phone, finally proved to be jingdong MX2 big put price to 699. This is what the spirit’s blue mobile phone?

integrated in mid-january the upcoming CES (international consumer electronics show), it is said that the meizu’s main rival, millet will the release, to the next step to enter the other marketing units.

at the current technical route, millet will release the pick up hui top IFS (the hidden fingerprint sensor) hardware fingerprint identification m 4 s, millet, of course, direct 5 is described it as rice, millet, after all, have m 3 s as “the art of a steel plate” tour sold only 1999 meters 4, once again why not.

then meizu to war, MX4 Pro, because of the development cycle, unable to catch up with the IFS, spirit’s blue on the phone’s research and development time can eat the IFS .

of course link top would not willing to let the meizu put up its own technology “one thousand yuan” brand, like millet to mediatek’s hand, it is a problem.

one of the largest high push a mobile phone may be influenced by blue version, with a low version. The high-end version 2 g + 64 g, 4 g five die 1499 fingerprint identification small screen flagship machine; Low with version 2 g + 16 g, 4 g four modules (no WCDMA and td-scdma) 799000 yuan of machine.

but as a result, for the meaning of millet was done not have. Maybe this afternoon, meizu will give people directly to a 1499 high version match with IFS fingerprint identification of spirit’s blue NOTE.

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