Spirit’s blue GFF joint is a ghost, all joint hark back to the old problems

cloud network hunting NOTE: spirit’s blue NOTE issued yesterday, let everybody attention again GFF joint screen with OGS all problems of joint, hunting cloud network was also the focus on the problems of the spirit’s blue NOTE screen. Spirit’s blue NOTE GFF fit exactly? Hunting cloud network to find god elder brother this year April on red rice NOTE old post, to supplement editor, coupled with the spirit’s blue NOTE, on-site experience for everybody to understand in detail.

god elder brother always think, see a mobile phone, just like a girl, you see the girl one eye is to look at the figure, the eye is the watch face. Mobile phone is the same, come into contact with the new phone the first step is to see appearance, opens at the second step is to screen. Screen is, therefore, has a great influence on our phones, each big manufacturer also are seizing on the screen. The TFT, TFD, UFB, the STN, OLED etc. These look good evils of screen name could make baidu science, again what ASV, SuperAMOLEDPLUS, IPS screen technology, etc, etc., we haven’t had time to thoroughly understand these tall new technology, now again more evils of high-end technology – “xx complete laminating process”. Each big manufacturers rely on a much larger on technology to increase selling point to their mobile phone, note of coarse grains, the 3 x chang play version of chrysanthemum, and lenovo fighter S8 gold, in advertising are mentioned the concept of “xx all joint”.

there are some small white unknown folded, will say: “what all fit, my hair, I only care about the screen size and resolution”. And small white said: “it’s not all fit well, are all the same”. Hey hey ~ ~ god elder brother here to tell you that the whole joint technology is more magic, not only affects the use of daily experience, and this whole laminating process is a century, mobile phones are called, that there is equal points, said the elder brother let god give you a good said this tall technology – “xx complete laminating process”.

a major joint, screen way

look from the structure of the screen, the screen can be roughly into three parts, respectively is to protect the glass from top to bottom, touch screen, screen, the following figure. The three parts is need to undertake joint, generally requires two joint, between the protective glass and touch screen is a joint, and another joint is between the screen and touch screen.

according to the way of joint points can be divided into the joint and put two boxes.

box stick glue joint is also called mouth words, in fact, to put it bluntly nothing special technical content, simply use double-sided adhesive to fix and around the screen and display, which is used by most of the mobile phone screen before laminating, its advantage lies in the simple process and low cost, but because the display screen and the touch screen, there is air layer between the light refraction cause show effect after discounted become box posted the biggest drawback. Before I used me865 is to use this technology, because the screen into ashes, I’ve seen, curious than machine is with double-sided adhesive stick together.

all is water or optical plastic laminating technology will panel and touch screen in the form of seamless completely glued together, compared with the box to stick, this whole laminating technology without air layer between the screen layers, so according to the principle of optical, can reduce the reflection between display panel and glass layer, can make the screen look more fully, the screen display effect is significantly improved, and mother don’t have to worry about my phone’s screen into ashes. In addition to the above two remarkable characteristics, and the advantage of the two contact is because closely bonded with panel touch module, so the intensity is improved; In addition, all the joint can also better reducing the noise of the display panel to produce to touch the interference caused by the operation. With the progress of science and technology, now one thousand yuan machine also gradually adopted the whole joint technology.

2, the classification of all joint

here’s the thing, that sounds all joint technology is the way it is bai, the effect should be about the same, actually otherwise, now all joint technology is mainly divided into three direction: 1. OGS/TOL technology, 2. OnCell technology, (3) In the Cell technology.

I detail below principle and advantages and disadvantages of each process:

1. In Cell technology, refers to the function of the touch panel is embedded into the technology of LCD pixels, namely embedded within the screen touch sensors function, so the original + 3 layers of protection glass touch screen + screen into the protection of the two layers of glass, with the function of touch screen, so that can make the screen more frivolous.

at the same time In the Cell to form a complete set of embedded touch screen IC, otherwise easily lead to wrong touch sensing signal, or too much noise. Research and development of this technology is mainly dominated by the panel manufacturer, for any display panel makers, threshold is relatively high, the technology currently used In Cell phone technology has the apple iphone 5, 5 s, and individual high-end okefenokee lu sister models.

although In Cell technology there are apple company strongly support and promote such evils, but personally, I think, In the next few years, the technology is still not used to mid-range phones, because the technology need to face the problem of low yield, and if damaged, the damage is not just a touch screen, the display will also along with scrap, so we need high yield.

Cell technology In screen layer: Incell screen by surface glass glue layer LCD (touch screen) on LCD layer, layer 2.

2. On Cell technology, although the technology with InCell only sent a letter, but the gap is not small, this technology is mainly dominated by panel makers research and development, the technology is to embed the touch screen display of color filter between the substrate and the polaroid method, namely On the LCD panel with touch sensors, compared In Cell reduce a lot of technical difficulties. Manufacturers such as samsung, Hitachi, LG On the touch screen On the Cell structure progress faster, at present, OnCell applied to samsung Amoled panel products, technology has not been able to overcome the light-weight, touch when the color is not equal.

On screen layer Cell technology: by surface glass glue a touch screen, LCD layer, a total of three layers.

3. OGS technology, also known as TOL technology (note: hunting cloud process there is a big difference, TOL better quality but high cost), is now mainly dominated by touch screen manufacturers and development, the display panel makers tend to push On the Cell or In – Cell technology because its itself is In the production of display, therefore tend to touch layer production On the screen; The touch module manufacturers or tend to OGS upstream materials manufacturers, is about to touch layer on the glass protection, the main reason is that the technology has strong ability of production process and technology.

OGS technical English full name is the ONE GLASS SOLUTION, namely single touch screen, is more pieces in order to (such as G + G, G + F, etc.) for the difference, the original touch screen need more pieces (GLASS or film), and the touch sensor directly OGS do it on the GLASS cover technology, so than can thin a lot, and shows the effect is better, more clearly.

OGS technology: by OGS bonded LCD layer, 2 layers.

the place on put together is narrated, OGS and Cell In the screen are two layers, and each has his strong point, the emphasis is different also, so I personally think that these two technologies will be after two mainstream direction of the development of the screen, and because the interests of the touch screen and panel manufacturers, dominate the problem such as survival, OGS future development clearer more favorable, but apple’s support vigorously In Cell technology, thus InCell and OGS technology is estimated In the future will not be completely replaced by another party. And On the Cell technology, I personally think that there is no like InCell so good luck, its advantages relative to the other two techniques is not obvious, with the development of the other two kinds of technology, perhaps On the Cell technology will be eliminated.

3: the contrast of OGS and GFF

at this point, the joint technical advice and have friends will ask, why? Roughage note propaganda GFF all joint screen zha didn’t speak ah, ha ha, the elder brother of the god here only ha ha, I want to talk to ray here always say: ray, let’s not sameness concept line not line???????

said ray always steal concept because I have the following evidence:

the GFF technology: English full name is called the Cover Glass Film Film, this is the technology has been used rotten, it’s just between total joint and the total joint technology, although the name is called the GFF laminating technology completely, but if England, it is not in a strict sense all joint technology. I didn’t say, you can literally data to verify this conclusion, I find I have to confirm this problem, China hownet to download a large amount of literature, the conclusion. GFF holds touch screen technology is the use of the surface of glass, ITO conductive film, X and Y, ITO conductive film, adhesive touch screen again glue LCD layer, a total of five layers.

the contrast figure (click picture to view a larger version) :

the ray booth ray always hype the concept once again here, 2 s millet, millet is OGS fit all 3, and 2 a, red rice, millet and what red rice note is the GFF fully fit, the technique of low cost, the yield is high, more than for low-end shanzhai. The GFF last and OGS technology gap.

with the best visual metaphor, you manipulate the GFF screen will find that the screen layer will be darker than the OGS technology, not so natural, and there is no OGS screen that pattern and ICONS as displayed on the screen of the tentacles can touch feeling, just like not all fit the middle separated by glass (ps: nonsense, 5 layers of screen or layer 2 screen good, everyone knows).

the greatest characteristic of the technology is making process trival, less transparent, reflective sex. But there is a biggest characteristic, is low cost, relative to the above the In – Cell, On the Cell and OGS, this technique, has been the commercial mass production to bad, it’s very cheap, suitable for coarse grains prick silk. Because of its low cost, so much for low-end shanzhai mobile phone and a less known and inferior brand, women cheat and fool the small white.

m 2 s (OGS), m (GFF) compared to 2 a:

cloud network hunting NOTE: spirit’s blue NOTE (GFF), MX4 (TOL) compared to


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