South Korea’s best video recording application Mobizen game, to do the Twitch on mobile phones

in the past few years, a slightly more focused on any video game market of the world’s population will be found that the rise of live streaming media video game is a major trend, than to play the game itself, a lot of players is also value the dynamic scene of the game. Like Twitch in a very short period of time from a niche market into the mainstream market, now not only PC players to record video game is very convenient, the next generation of PS4 and Xbox One are also equipped with and share video recording function. Mobile players were left alone on one side, because of the limitations on record, the few mobile phone games focused on and live streaming video channel.

Mobizen is a consumer oriented gamers video recording, broadcast applications, remote support solutions provider Rsupport from South Korea. It is an Android application, the image can be synchronized to the PC desktop, through computer control of mobile phone. The application of the computer remote control phone has many USES, it is worth mentioning that hand play home without root can also be easily by only one button to game video recording on the computer or mobile phone.

recently, I was fortunate to see Mobizen co-founder Matthew Choy, have further understanding about the application, also understand the Mobizen significance for mobile game industry.

looking for breakthrough point

Mobizen Rsupport parent company is a company dedicated to provide remote solution, before launch Mobizen Rsupport never consumer application service market. But looking at the Korean market, Rsupport found the market opportunities. Children seem to like the game video is better than to play the game, whether amateur or professional players, more and more people are turning to the mobile phone platform, so the Rsupport compiled some developed tools for remote service of mobile applications.

in the end, hand play home also can easily upload video game, like a PC players and video quality surprisingly well. It is said that the app can reach 60 frames per second when recording video, this means that the game seems particularly fluidity. While the app launch only 4 months, but has been loved by South Korea hand play home, every day is now about 400000 active users, of which 80% is used for recording video game, this is a very good performance in the south.

although I can’t verify the authenticity of the data, but Mobizen is very popular in South Korea a way of recording video game, on the Naver search tour video hand, almost all the video was recorded using Mobizen.

global view

Rsupport goals aimed at South Korea’s domestic market, not just a matter of fact Rsupport Mobizen is regarded as a “Trojan horse”, now has 50000 active users each day in the United States, Mobizen can be used to break into overseas markets like the United States. Rsupport there are currently no plans to Mobizen user fees, this app is free to use, it intends to use it as a marketing tool, because although Rsupport has great B2B markets in Asia, but its visibility is very low in the west. Mobizen is not only a consumer-centric application, it is also a Rsupport to potential signs of the technical level of the enterprise customers to show it. As Mobizen awareness has increased, western companies are starting to seek technology licensing from Rsupport, meanwhile Rsupport can to promote other products.

Rsupport headquartered in Seoul, South Korea has opened a branch in Tokyo and Beijing, and actively explore the Japanese and the Chinese market. In Japan, Mobizen cooperation with Japan’s largest mobile operator NTT mobile released the named application. In addition, Mobizen and some Android mobile phone manufacturers in China, Mobizen pre-installed applications in mobile phone. Choy declined to cooperation manufacturer, but said he recently became the world’s third largest mobile phone maker, which means that the Mobizen is likely to be working with millet.

the future trend of

game target population is now gradually become to the public by men, Mobizen seems to be going to aim at a significant change in the future. Because Mobizen continuous tracking no user data, it can only be used by user choosing gender to guess, based on this model, the results found that many female users also began recording video game. This is a very big change, Mobizen next plan according to the change of the app corresponding adjustments, such as the interface edge design much more gentle, more in line with the aesthetic view of the public, not just to attract men.

Mobizen is not the only option for mobile video recording, Kamcord is it a rival in the Asian market, but Choy Mobizen is seen as the best, and the facts also prove that he is right. The application of the user number is enough to prove that it is very nice, but it seems always to good use game user preferences, in the coming years will continue to strong growth.

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