Sora aoi play sexy underwear economic power, you can learn from it?

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in both marketing and hype, sora aoi sell underwear effects are far more than expected, partners and traders fairy advisable adai company also managed to high-end lingerie brands spakeys (18 f) to the market. The sexy economy still has high tension line policy, but has shown a great market.

star crossover

stars and artists crossover is not new, just early is to invest in real estate or catering, while these two years began to explore personal brand fans effects.

in personal brand artists, Chen is one of the earlier, the creation of popular logo CLOT has opened many branches, through this year and the trend of the domestic electricity business YOHO! Stock cooperation cover more mainland market. And the launch of early during Mrs Eason chan song personal brand OMG, “transformation of stylist also set up shop in Hong Kong.

supergirl, shang wenjie draft, also will become a “boss” identity counter attack, joint e-commerce sites to launch brand suitcase and headphones. With the entertainment industry said, artist, after all, youth meal without endorsement ShangYan hard to maintain income, made a personal brand fans economy is a good choice.

but in people with very high, the controversial sora aoi, doing personal brand is risky. According to “first financial daily” reported that sora aoi and underwear OEM Fang Xianyi adai began to contact most very uneasy, afraid of products to “vulgar”, after more than half a year’s communication and finally reached a cooperation.

soon sora aoi has also become a “designer”, in the workshop are sewing and draw sketch, and discuss with designers to reference material. She said the product was inspired by the black swan, mysterious and elegant, have distance and it’s not that far. Fabrics is comfortable. “I hope that the healthy beautiful underwear design.

on May 19, sora aoi on weibo revealed will launch “G – self” empty series underwear brand, quickly attracted attention and forward, at present this tweet already forwarded 27431 article, review article 11664. Although had decided good selling through socialization electricity, sora aoi or sell MOE ask lei jun and NiuWenWen, renewed discussion upsurge.

1000 experience places, and then set limit to sell 528 sets of underwear, 5 hours, 28 minutes success be promptly snatching empty. As high as 1288 yuan for each underwear prices, and sora aoi designer of the identity of image transformation, have gained market recognition.

there are even data research, said the girl does not exclude sora aoi products, it is very inspiring. The and sora aoi many male fans, through this activity for girlfriend or wife to buy underwear, began to pay for sexy economy.

sora aoi in conference of underwear brands to day the cat is very happy, she said she was lucky to participate in the underwear design process, and for the ultimate product is very satisfied, although temporarily won’t consider jewelry, beauty makeup product design, but is likely to consider design men’s underwear.

40% male buyers

sora aoi and fairy appropriate adai spakeys series in the process of cooperation, there was a group of interesting data: more than 40% of the buyers are male.

according to spakeys brand director, Mr. Ding said in sina weibo for the first time, found that male buyers to 40%. , of course, the promotion is mainly aimed at spakeys and sora aoi cooperation “empty” series, which obviously and sora aoi weibo fans are concerned, male consumers active is very normal phenomenon.

but August sora aoi series and spakeys cat come day when whole spakeys brand also present a male buying trends. This month August sales data, according to the Tmall spakeys visitors known sex, men accounted for 36%, women accounted for 42%. Clinch a deal the buyer data, men accounted for 56%, 44% female.

this group of data also showed that buyers in the region of zhejiang province reached 22.3%, followed by 11.5% of jiangsu province. In respect of age proportion, the buyer 25 to 29 per capita for the absolute main force, accounting for 26.3%, followed by 30-39 people, occupy 22.71%.

fairy appropriate index in the underwear industry for a long time, from to foreign brands OEM to develop their own brands for seven years. Based on previous sales data, Mr. Ding said, lingerie 99% of buyers are female consumers, although there are very few men.

“it is an unexpected harvest.” Mr. Ding said that men buying trends, mean that men begin to pay close attention to pure female consumer goods, not only increases the consumption of focus groups, also can carry on the emotion transfer to the brand.

after sora aoi launch brand underwear, there are a lot of male fans message for men’s series, while sora aoi in Tmall conference retain this possibility, but spakeys brand in the operation will be faster to achieve male users that demand.

Mr. Ding said the empty series and spakeys do before is the men’s underwear as a gift sales activities and feedback, according to the sales data will soon launch men series products. And the products not only in view of the male consumer groups, but also hope that through female consumers buy affection.

some analysts believe that this is sexy and an important trend in the development of economy, male and female consumers have to each other in some areas, such as in the aspect of sex toys, original consumers predominantly male users, and according to electrical ShangChunShui hall of sex toys, female consumers are already close to 50%, the entire industry sexy emotional needs are growing economy.


the star brand, the most headache is the back-end supply chain problems, especially the inventory, even a mundane guest such managed to attract a large number of apparel brands, the fans will therefore difficulties. But the electricity and the development of the Internet, make star crossover easier, they usually only responsible for the creative and the promotion, the back-end to partners.

relative to other stars on the depth of the personal brand involvement, sora aoi the cross-border role more just creative director, behind is a traditional company in guangdong appropriate fairy adai, a company that has helped Europe’s top brand OEM, with “fairy appropriate index” and “appropriate adai fairy” and popular brand in the end, such as spakeys is its attempt to high-end brand in the light of luxury.

Mr. Ding said, should be fairy adai into light and decoration field, this part first because at present the Chinese market brand almost blank, the most powerful manufacturers are doing low-end brand, the second is the Chinese designer brand underwear field is very little, and that is the future development trend.

how to make a brand rapidly gaining attention, and on behalf of sexy economic sora aoi bind is better marketing.

however, including empty series spakeys underwear price, at one thousand yuan of above. Mr. Ding the explanation is underwear spakeys series are real silk fabrics, many complicated design adornment is artificial to complete, and similar foreign high-end brands tend to price in 3000 yuan of above. “We are not fast fashion, pay attention to every product excellence.”

but, after all, this is not a mass market, although the early stage of the strategy for purchasing, but subsequent whether consumers are still willing to accept such a high price of underwear, is still unknown. Mr. Ding said, should be fairy adai spakeys series is to emphasize brand rather than sales, at least for the moment from the brand feedback effect is good.

“spakeys is still at the early stage, is still in the process of groping, from the whole company brand project input-output ratio, there’s no really achieve profit.” Mr. Ding said, spakeys hopes to form a greater influence, expanded and extended some value, and then do mass.

from taking hunger marketing is restricted to open a shop on Tmall, Mr. Ding said empty series and plentiful spakeys series. Besides sora aoi, next spakeys cooperation also plans to invite more stars and designers, and to consider into the offline store.

but the most important thing for spakeys today, from the early stage of the marketing is digestion of attention and resources.

“heaven cat on May to August, whether it is more and more attention and investment cooperation, let us in the channel, and the influence on internal also stimulate positive, management level, research and development or promote in many aspects.” Mr. Fang said, you need to turn these resources effectively, avoid short halo effect.

The bottleneck of high-end lingerie

although sora aoi and spakeys got good opening, but policy line still exists, it will be the fairy appropriate adai next operation need to face some problems.

“sora aoi” these three words, for example, no matter on taobao or Tmall all belong to the words, it is difficult to match the search out corresponding commodity, this regarding to open a flagship store in Tmall brand spakeys fairy appropriate adai, less a huge traffic sources, will impact sales.

another fairy appropriate adai are faced with the problem, is due to the early promotion do not make obvious segregation, consumers underwear brand is spakeys mistaken for sora aoi, is spakeys continue to develop for the future or invite other designers, how many there will be some brand confusion, when fans realize spakeys other series, not by sora aoi, whether also willing to continue to pay?

this is fan economic limitations. Dangdang CEO Mr Li has said fans don’t believe in the economy, he thinks that although the star group of fans is very large, but for the consumer market is still a very small part of branding needs is to serve a wider range of consumer groups, to have a rapid development.

Mr. Ding argues that fans how economic core service consumers, namely through star promotion, through quality and service to retain customers, will star fans into brand fans, especially for consumers to participate in product upgrades, to form the fans of the economy.

this pressure for spakeys is how to launch better products and design. In addition to the “good idea,” Mr. Ding said another pressure comes from technology and technology, pure silk material and hand embroidery craft in the underwear industry, many manufacturers and workers have no contact with, so production is relatively slow, difficult to mass production.

the good news is that for the fairy appropriate adai underwear and clothing industry, selective is not particularly high.

taking certainties of line of underwear brand city beauty CIO ShaShuang once said, underwear sales cycle will not usually shorter than 6 months, during the period of the manufacturers have a lot of time to do product promotion. You can also put the raw materials and ready for the time segment, and then according to the market sales and user feedback to adjust the supply chain.

, said Mr. Ding, due to previous spakeys and empty series are all through the Internet sales, accumulated a lot of data, based on these data, spakeys already for target users had good portrait: a second-tier cities, 25 to 30 years old, the education degree is higher, the next how to retain and service the users, is the most need to solve the problem.

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