SONY releasing wireless camera QX1/30, create “SLR phone”

SONY QX series camera is odd, but apparently, SONY is still working on it. Yesterday, SONY has released QX 1/30 two phones dedicated wireless camera, through a clip-on installed on a mobile phone accessories, use wi-fi connection, a mobile phone and through the application to implement.

for those who are not familiar with SONY clip-on lens, QX1 and QX30 is independent of the camera (composed of sensor and lens), through the application in the viewfinder and imaging function to connect to your smartphone. In essence, it replaced the camera body and control, at the same time maintain the necessary figures in the external hardware accessories. Its purpose is to use what we carry equipment, factors in the form of a more convenient to provide high quality images.

essentially similar to these digital camera with a built-in screen, use the larger size of the CMOS sensor and optical zoom lens, can make up for the shortcomings of mobile phones. However, QX series wireless camera sales of ping ping, after all, not everyone needs more professional shooting form. But SONY apparently did not give up this product line, and during this year’s IFA launched QX30 and QX1 two product, literally into 30 times optical variable focal, micro single CMOS sensor and the characteristics of the replaceable lens.

QX1 allows the user to sensors in the smart phone installed base replacement lens, can also be compatible with SONY E – mount interchangeable lenses. This means that any of you used on the SONY NEX series camera lens QX1 can be used. Unit of form a complete set of sensors is APS – C, its size is the same as the entry-level digital SLR camera. It has a built-in pop-up flash.

function, QX1 support maximum 16000 ISO sensitivity, 1080/30 p video shooting, all kinds of advanced shooting mode, manual mode or even RAW RAW format, also a built-in pop-up flash and larger capacity of battery. Of course, it also support WIFI/NFC and memory card, range of 440 photo or 150 minutes of video.

QX1 will officially listed in November, the price is $400 (RMB 2454), of course, subsequent lenses into more clearly.

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