Son: my next investment

cloud network hunting note: son in global Internet development conference speech, the son’s opinion, although today everyone will only have two mobile devices, in 2020, everyone is connected the number of devices will reach one thousand. Internet of things will be masayoshi son, focus on investment areas.

the following for masayoshi son speech in full:

a lot of people asked me now, you will vote next investment? We would like to participate in your next investment. Here from my perspective, I how to think about the future opportunities. I have three simple content, is the reform of the technology.

only three kinds of reforms in human history, the three historical changes would allow us to better understand yourself, first of all, is the agricultural revolution, the second is the industrial revolution, the third is the information revolution. This is we use the three times in one of the greatest change of mental, physical strength, this is unlike any other animals, is also a big advantage for mankind. So the third revolution is the information revolution, it can greatly exert person’s brain, this is the most valuable, the most important. We compare the major revolution is the second time the industrial revolution, was a sign is car, how much the car’s speed, how many times his engine has been improved, only in the past 30 years, how many times this happened, in fact the engine is changed twice, but speed increased by 200%. The speed of calculation is micro processing capacity up to 1 million times.

in this 30 years contrast these two Numbers is two hundred percentage is more important to speed up, or microprocessor speed up changes to people’s life more big? The answer is obvious. Everyone look at this picture, every 18 months there will be a rose, is human brain cells, a total of 30 years is 100000 times 100000 is 1 million times, this is in the past 30 years, our ability to change microprocessor. In the next 30 years will accelerate this change. Human brain cells is binary, it like a chip processing, like a person’s brain cells is intertwined, persistent multiplier effect. So my prediction is 20 years later, any change in the form of the multiplier effect. In 2018, the prediction error of the two years may be, but I think this is a rough prediction is a trend.

in 300, in the future we will have what kind of change? I think this chip may be better than at the rate of 10 according to the processing speed of the brain, after 300, there is no doubt that we can be sure of that the microprocessor will be more intelligent than the human mind, they can be calculated, can think, can even imagine, or even to dialogue, I said there are three things in the beginning is my very attention, these are the focus of the information revolution, the first is the CPU, the second is the ability to remember, the third is the speed of the Internet. Today is 3 billion sensors, CPU is a GB. It will reach 30 billion 10 to the power after 30, is 100 times faster than the brain’s processing speed. Such exchange rate has been completely beyond now 1 GB or is our current cognitive ability. This is the chip processor has transcended the modern technology, 30 years later and this is our one of the most common CPU processing power. This means iPhone32 generation at the appointed time will appear, is in your hands the machine can store about five hundred billion of the song, the equivalent of three hundred million newspapers and 30 k stock of audio and video information, image information of the stock. Through the cloud technology is very high and the operation of the Internet speed, the information storage and delivery will not be an issue. You can enjoy endless information, so this kind of speed and memory of endless people can communicate very easily.

in the past 300 years of human history, human beings created a large number of books or TV image, audio and video or book paper products, so they stock up to 1.2 billion GB of memory, I think in the next few years, more than ten years, we have created the information will be more than the amount of information that the past 300 years. Or is that one day create the amount of information is beyond the amount of information that a few hundred years, so the total amount of information or data is very fast. All the things in the world can be connected through the cloud technology, it is one of the most valuable human assets. Thirty years later we can by high speed for the transmission of information, then our life will become how, our way of life will be what kind of change.

data transmission speed quickly, cloud services, the sky’s the limit, then our life will change greatly, this is a transformational change. Our speed will accelerate sharply, people can in work and daily life of every day is not only effective communication with the people around, still can and distant or people of other countries for effective communication. We can effectively to carry on the education, the child’s IQ is higher than in the past, our medical science and technology will become more advanced, the better for the treatment of disease. To provide better services for the individual, so we have more some prediction, all things will be through the logistics network is connected. Whether laptop or handheld device or computer, or glasses, or clothing, shoes, wall and so on everything, even a cow may be linked to logistics network. So today everyone will probably have two mobile devices, in 2020, everyone to the number of connected devices will reach one thousand. In 2040, this phenomenon is very common, all the people and things will be linked via mobile devices. So all the data in the cloud terminal for storage, are endless speed and very high processing speed and a very large capacity. In such a society, will not appear the traffic accident. People will not be sick at the same time, because the preventive measures will be very advanced. If you want to look for a person to, or find your pet, or is to ask the way, there will be a robot to help you, they are all intelligent robot, can help mankind, or is to help people in need to deal with unexpected disaster and so on some unexpected phenomenon, such as car accidents, and so on and so on, other unfortunate phenomenon will be prevented.

due to time is limited, today I want to say is that the future is very bright, we have the confidence that after a few years China will become the world’s largest economy, the future of mankind will be full of opportunity, it will be a lot of happy, there are a lot of bright vision waiting for us, thank you.

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