Some movement: grafting O2O social activities, and to see some movement how to play?

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house became a group characteristics, and behind the house is the longing for go deeper. A phenomenon is, because I don’t know what to go out to do, so curtilage. The thought of going out, we will open the phone or computer, began to select out the result still don’t know where to go.

where some movement is a specialized in all kinds of disease of app, is a based on friends and the geographic location of the application, the user can launch and add activities, but not their reunion, and even activities can be found in any place to invite friends at any time. In some movement, the user can not only know what friends in social activities, also can see me tomorrow to participate in the activities of all who attend, look for what other activities are suitable for me to attend… .

some movement is shenzhen industry through science and technology development co., LTD’s products. Founder He Lun worked trade, finance, data, real estate, and other institutions, have many years of experience in domestic enterprise management and executive, commercial real estate operations specialist.

“we redefine the activities, not only is travel and party, more contain salon meeting, entertainment performances, commercial promotion, parent-child family, exhibition lectures as well as the public welfare activities and so on. For some people it is a necessary tool for others it’s more like a fun thing.” Some movement founder He Lun tell hunting cloud network.

at first glance this GonnaBe some similar to the activities of the foreign community, but some movement is a combination of domestic offline entity business status quo, “before that, we have done a lot of real users demand research and accumulation, also to carry out rapid iteration of the user experience. There is no denying the fact that the Internet has given birth to a huge online market, we just focus on the new data, but it ignores the greater market offline entities.” Some movement He Lun to hunt cloud network, according to early mainly consider the user first, the user will reach a certain number and business information. “We have a unique business docking methods, for the user to create and provide offline experiences to the extreme, some movement is entity stores for O2O tool.”

as a O2O nature of the app, the key is to provide users with the use of how much convenience and interesting, which decided the user’s use frequency, and some of the information collection and release it and the biggest difference between app. “When everyone in one thousand ways to pull people to online, we focus on how to put people back to the ground from the line.” Some movement He Lun tell hunting cloud network, can provide users with innovative O2O mode infinite vast potential market, the value of the future in the activities of social service and help users docking local life and offline physical field, some movement will become the mainstream.

some movement on November 26, 2014 by tencent application treasure. At present, the ongoing Pre – A round of funding.

Some movement

company: shenzhen industry through science and technology development co., LTD.


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