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a good fishing process, in addition to fishing enthusiasts itself have superior skills, find a good fishing place also is the indispensable link in the whole process.

but due to environment temperature, water quality difference and the influence of surrounding environment, fishing enthusiasts, to find a not bad all aspects of the fishing location is not an easy thing.

catch some app is now trying to use crowdsourcing solutions to find some difficult problems, now we can catch some understanding for fishing enthusiasts can travel + ugc community. Through the crowdsourcing completion database users around the fishing site. At the same time guide users in the community to precipitate topic and activities. Finally completed before fishing enthusiasts: electricity fishing tackle fresh fish, fishing: fishing location precise query, after the catch: results of new topics to share, such as vertical fishing enthusiasts community closed loop.



but in the current experience, community function is still very weak, the database is not very full. Late lead to share, operating to the team is a challenge in the future. Is worth a problem of the fishing point has a function of the weather is great. Fishing trips to see local weather is very important, is very close to DiaoYou built into the application.

product currently do the fishing community in addition to the point and such as fishing, fishing fisherman, etc. The emphasis of the but they also differ, the share of world fishing prefer fishing process, the style of the whole class with the class travel share application. The PC with mobile end, fishing field data accumulation and user activity is relatively high.

when app is more emphasis on the circle of friends “model, users share their mood or drying fishing fishing harvest finally, but overall, the fisherman community operation needs to be improved.

to be sure, the vertical type of the user community as long as good service users has its great value, for fishing enthusiast community applications can be docking in addition to professional electrical company, precise fishing point database and review information is also its great value.

whether fish to travel into or crowdsourcing cuts to measure point database, finally catch fish products are to return to the user community. For fishing point, subsequent product community operation and guide users since the hematopoietic share is a key to the future. Or just fishing for database and weak community at best just fishing location sharing tools, there is a great distance away from the real angler community.

catch some APP

time: January 2014


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