Solid-state drives, dig machinery drives the corner, let it go

hunting cloud network on December 03 (word/Morse good)

recently, Intel, meguiar’s challenge to the mechanical drive, its claim to launch 10 TB capacity in two years of solid-state drives, a sensational news instantly detonated a nerve in the field of mechanical hard disk. So the question, why do you want to launch so big SSD instead of mechanical drive, to listen to the small make up slowly.

mainly by mechanical hard disk platters, magnetic head, disc rotor and control motor, head controller, data converters, interface, caching, and so on several parts. Mechanical hard disk in all the blanks on an axis, each platter is a parallel between, on the storage of each disc has a head, head and the distance between the disc smaller than the diameter of a human hair, all controller head connected to a head, by head controller is responsible for the movement of each head data read and write operations, a bit like a CD. Precision mechanical properties due to its higher sensitivity to the environment.

and solid-state drives, also called hard disk or solid-state electronic disk, is by the control unit and solid state storage unit (DRAM or FLASH chip) consisting of a hard disk. Solid-state drives on the interface specification, function of use also consistent with mechanical hard disk of the same shape. Because SSD no mechanical devices, thus excellent shock resistance. The chips working temperature range is very wide (40 ~ 85 – degrees c). At present, widely used in military, automotive, industrial control, video surveillance, network monitoring, network terminal, electric power, medical, aviation, navigation equipment and other fields. Due to the high cost, is gradually spread to the DIY market.

the SSD storage medium is divided into two kinds, one kind is the FLASH memory (FLASH chip) as a storage medium, another is to use DRAM as a storage medium.

flash-based solid-state drives (IDE FLASH DISK, Serial ATA FLASH DISK) : a FLASH chip as a storage medium, which we called the SSD. We often use the memory card, usb flash drive is the chip.

based on DRAM SSDS: the DRAM as a storage medium, application range is relatively narrow.

DRAM chips data will be lost when the power is cut off, the Flash chip data is not lost when the power is cut off. Applications can be divided into two kinds of, SSD and SSD hard disk array. It is a high-performance memory, and a long service life, the only fly in the ointment is the need to be independent power to protect data security.

so what are the traditional mechanical hard drives and solid state drives are different?

structure aspect has detailed above, hunting cloud network will not repeat.

in terms of speed, solid-state drives using flash memory as a storage medium, relative mechanical hard disk read speed faster. SSD is strictly a circuit device, with mechanical drive this mechanism has a huge difference.

solid-state drives without mechanical drive mechanical response, start time, faster and more stable. Almost no failure, fear of collision, impact, vibration. Based on the solid-state hard disk write speed of DRAM, low capacity based on FLASH memory (FLASH chip) solid-state hard disk in the working status of energy consumption and heat output is low, but high-end or large energy consumption capacity of the product will be higher. In terms of adapt to temperature, hard disk drives can only work within the scope of 5 to 55 degrees Celsius. While most of the SSD can work in – 10 ~ 70 degrees Celsius, some industrial solid-state drives can also be in – 40 ~ 85 degrees Celsius, even larger work under the temperature range.

however, SSD price is high, the capacity is not high. Is the price per unit volume based on flash mechanical hard disk of 5 ~ 10 times, while based on DRAM even 200 ~ 300 times. Due to the limitation of chip technology, can’t do like mechanical drive dozens of T, although its storage capacity is growing but still far lower than mechanical hard disk. Write life is limited, and flash memory based SSD and hard disk data are difficult to recover after the damage. All of these become factors restricting its development.

although these huge problems, but the SSD instead of mechanical drive this is gradually become a trend. Such as alibaba, baidu, tencent to big companies such as Intel have put a lot of assets in SSD research career.

because, the cost of SSD is gradually reduced. Especially on SSD storage efficiency, it won’t be long before in the field of industry, the server costs will be significantly lower than mechanical hard disk. While his stability, security, has also been the favour of the industry such as application server.

but the problem now is that the original mechanical hard disk server products, software and hardware architecture of his unable to identify and maximize the development of the performance of the SSD. This allows the value of SSD greatly shrunk.

you know as soon as the underlying storage medium change, its upper will be fundamental changes in the whole computing and storage system, mechanical drive thinking is unable to effectively run the SSD, so this is a grand project needs time. Giants are currently working in this direction.

in the field of commercial and civil applications are also in hard exploration, the kingdom of previously reported cloud network hunting is aimed at the SSD commercial opportunity; While hunting in the field of civil cloud network after project is mature, is in full swing of development.

in the field of flash changes will start in the field of led market, although is inevitable, but the challenges, such as technology, market, idea will let us working through the power of the whole ecosystem to promote the success of future career. Or I have plenty of opportunities to hardware technology field.

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