Sohu video bet good content: on January 2, entire network run “good songs in China” in the second quarter

on January 2, “good songs in China” in the second quarter today launched in CCTV3, sohu video so alone, set off in a large variety. Consist of liu huan, emil chau, Tanya chua, yu quan new tutor team, with the new format once again open the domestic original music.

four groups of mentor will open from the first official rhetoric of “them” war, legendary cafes, talented young girl came out. The first show was dou wei, Mr Wang band drummer, now out of the “rock perfected” Zhao Mu Yang, in addition, “good songs” teacher I miss you brother last year “, say thank yu quan “crowding out” I love you can to not avert suspicion. As students, emil chau “32 I miss you” move out of their own concert, yu quan, write poetry, show MOE, PK liu huan and emil chau tutor in succession.

on Jan. 2 premiere of “good songs in China” in the second quarter, will be in the first quarter format model on the basis of a new format to upgrade, at the same time in the second quarter of the first opening, the first appearance in “good songs in China” in the second quarter of the theme song “my song”.

this song by liu huan, Tanya chua, yu quan, emil chau four groups of teachers together to thesis writing songs in 48 hours, teachers set their original ability. Liu huan, emil chau and Tanya chua’s guitar, piano keyboard of yu quan and beth, five original opening show instant detonating mentor “good song”.

on January 2, the first appearance of students, the students a named “opens the mouth to let four mentor of surprise. His work “the most distant star has just finished singing, the side of liu huan unbearable” fact “:” he is the brother I love you!”

“40 years old this year, according to him, his job is to do I miss you assistant at ordinary times, took care of the food and clothing of I love you, the only music related job is to help I miss you try wheat in before the performance. “Added to the I love you from mentor chair” crowding out “yu quan said x:” my special thanks to yu quan two teacher, really, because you are sitting there, so he didn’t come.”

another student drums just stop, the audience to the yu quan students even surprised shout: “unexpectedly, you how can here?” But next to mentor also show surprise face: “at least we haven’t seen more than a decade.” The student is in the last century the nineties of the rock drummer Zhao Mu Yang, he appeared suddenly let four groups of teachers. Moreover Su Yunying from sanya, hainan has caused some supervisors’ “grab” openly, not to be outdone in succession to fully show MOE.

“good songs in China” in the second quarter as sohu video 2015 open big variety, will be cut in on Friday night, alone in addition “good songs campus line”, “the parties to a good song” and so on several derivatives, exclusive present good songs popular singer selection from different angles, and entry to sing for people to interact with teachers in the audience and collision. Sohu video with 56 network build long video, PGC, integrated platform of UGC, explore the differentiation pattern of variety extension “good song” interactive value, and includes the sohu video mobile client, the sohu news with the client and the sohu matrix, makes the strongest 2015 open big variety.

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