Sohu news client patch 5.0, “intelligent hybrid recommendation” play news personality

18 November, sohu news client version 5.0 officially revised online, main intelligent hybrid recommendation, as well as “drop down” easy to play the character news mode of operation. With the aid of intelligent hybrid recommendation system, sohu news client version 5.0, the user simply drop down with his fingers, including sohu a selection of high quality in the news reports, the individual character of user interest news immediately.

“personalization” is the inevitable trend that mobile users to read news, sohu news client version 4.0 of the recommended news information using the algorithm of large data model, solve the problem of the long tail of information, rapidly improve the user experience, however, this is just the starting point of “personalized”. New version based on version 4.0 intelligent recommendation, sohu news client to join the edit selected, users subscribe to both weight, developed a “hybrid intelligent recommendation system, make recommendation news content more rich, the higher quality, really play the” personality “.

sohu news ming-jun CAI, head of the client, in the conference site on the new version of the function and characteristics. Version 5.0 flagship smart and quick two characteristics, intelligent hybrid recommendation system allows users to find the different categories of news and information, and reach the second class feedback, speed smooth operation. In the interface style, add white space, remove the previous version of the news, the dividing line between the interface design is pure and fresh and natural, add personalized channels at the same time, users can customize a star, shows, events for channel labels, tabs at the top of their client, users sliding fingers can read, and can be ordered according to the views of intelligent.

compared with competitors, on breaking the homogeneity path, in addition to dig the news quality, sohu can integrate resources, there are a lot of matrix, for example, the map of joint sogou sohu news client version 5.0 is introduced the function of “intelligent voice broadcast road”, by the user’s geographic information positioning, near real-time broadcast the latest traffic information, the entire process, the user without any operation.

“personalized news need to solve the problem of news quality and capacity.” Sohu news client manager ming-jun CAI said, sohu has high quality, the content of the massive amounts of resources and professional news editorial team, can be in at the same time, to solve these problems will be “personalized” to the limit.

“the sohu news client innovation, from content to form and function, apparently intended to consolidate the lead, the crack problem of homogeneity.” Industry analysts believe that the peers have abandoned under the background of “journalistic professionalism”, sohu, contrarian industry concern.

according to analysys, according to a report released earlier sohu news coverage ratio to 48.78% of users, client comfortably industry first, the number of users reached 250 million. Industry analysts pointed out that on the direction of the mobile news reading, sohu news client pace, the first to try to differentiate the future will be derived gameplay and foreground is very considerable.

sohu group chairman of the board and CEO Charles zhang said in a news briefing spot, “from PC to mobile, reading news has gone to ‘to play the character of The Times, this is what sohu news client version 5.0 are doing. Through intelligent hybrid recommendation model, sohu will completely solve the problem of machine push press quality is not high. And can play with ‘drop-down on the way of the news, can free the user’s hands, to meet the needs of mobile news reading.”

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