Software engineer number more than Google, samsung is still “software dwarf”

samsung seems to be the sole “big love”, they produce mobile phones, on advertising spending is large, and from the bottom of the chart, believe you also is not hard to find, even their companies have very large number of employees, even more than the sum of the apple, Google and Microsoft employees. We according to the several companies filing with the securities and exchange commission of 10 – K (or similar) file, made below:

samsung vs. the total number of other companies

samsung (samsung) only has 275000 employees, is five times as Google. This explains why samsung can adopt “machine type” mode of production, only this in just one year in 2014, the company has introduced a 46 smartphone and tablet.

in fact, we can also use charts to reduce the number of other employees. Google once completed the sale of its MOTOROLA, that they will also reduce the nearly 3894 employees, and apple more than half of all employees (42800 people) are the retail sector, if only the retail sector, that apple has only 37500 people. In the chart, the number of SONY only included in the “SONY electronics”, so is undoubtedly the most comparable and “samsung electronics”. SONY group is a huge media organization, it’s a SONY pictures entertainment, SONY music entertainment and DengZi SONY financial services organization.

samsung and SONY electronics have great similarities in the scope of our products, you see in the best buy of each type of product, the two companies are likely to produce at least one paragraph (samsung, of course, no console). Moreover, they also have large parts department. However, is dwarfed by the number of employees still let SONY, samsung, the former is about 2.5 times of the latter.

the samsung these employees are doing? First, the company has been amazing number of software engineers, as of 2013, the company has 40506 software engineers. It is responsible for developing software in the Google the total number of employees. In fact, given that Google employees only 18593 employees belong to the “research and development department” (that is, to take charge of developing software), so samsung twice the number should be a Google software engineer. In recent years, the company pays attention to the construction of the software engineer team. From 2011 to now, the number of samsung software engineer has increased by 45%.

everyone can say a few more famous Google software. But, on the number of two times the Google samsung software engineer team did not have the same size of influence. Samsung developed TouchWiz and, of course, a large number of samsung custom applications. The company had install the application and TouchWiz to its new manufacturing in each type of cell phone. Think about it, if you are produced each year more than 70 devices, and let the application and TouchWiz support all of these devices for up to two years or so, the project is very big.

samsung also includes a display and a samsung SoC chip, they need a lot of firmware and driver development. And it’s televisions, cameras and other electronic products need to develop the corresponding software. In addition, samsung Tizen still trying to develop their own operating system. As for the software, production occupies the samsung larger proportion, has about 159488 employees involved. Samsung’s most jobs in South Korea (33.5%), followed by China (21%), followed by southeast Asia (20%), North America accounted for only 3.9%.

although samsung electronics is a big company, but it still is part of a larger parent, the samsung group. We usually said most of the “samsung” means “samsung electronics”. Samsung group is made up of about 80 subsidiaries, the parent company, samsung electronics is one of the subsidiary.

in addition to samsung electronics production of mobile phone, tablet, usually wearable devices, semiconductor, display, televisions, laptops, printers, cameras, home theater and household electric appliances, samsung group, there are large container ship, polar icebreaker, howitzer, credit CARDS, oil refineries, power plants, wind turbines, water treatment plants, steel mills, life insurance, theme park, ultrasonic machine, the X-ray scanners, robot sentry guns. And the world’s tallest skyscraper (such as dubai khalifa). So if samsung within the company to establish subsidiaries tend to cause such wonders: one of samsung group companies spend billions of dollars to buy another subsidiary under the group.

samsung like “net”. This reflects in the company’s smart phone line, general product line and internal structure of the samsung group. This attempt to dabble in ambitions to each type of product, make the company’s business is very complex; In contrast, apple and Google seem to just want to concentrate in the aspect of hardware development.

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