Social media public relations crisis, the company how to solve?

the children’s shoes often login Twitter might have hair wrong state embarrassing, probably short into a circle of friends to do mate woman in the butt, shortly after crossing this thing is gone, too. But have you ever thought about a brand or a company sent you a wrong state or announcement would lead to social effect how? How will they change as the situation of “opportunity”?

there is an old proverb says “has news is better than no strong”, mean for brands and companies, some attention is better than no one concern, reported the news is surprising or even negative. This statement is debatable, of course, but in social media mistakes can hardly cause any positive emotion. This usually and scandal, an embarrassing incident, and human resources issues related.

in today’s digital era, in this regard, the company is on time and money to increase their circle of friends in public recognition. How to talk about, talk about with what attitude, which content of information and entertainment value, and what is social media should report, which should not be reported, and so on, these are metric.

although it has been attention to every detail, but social media is still expanding with brand and advocates an important link of the recognition, both in improving clothes, organic food products and the quality of the new music, or offer a similar 24/7 customer support of science and technology news or personal training services.

if a company has a well-trained knowledge staff, masterminded the content of the project and many of the target audience, so what could go wrong? The answer is: “careless”.


may be the label “careless” used here is not suitable, as recently DiGiorno example. DiGiorno is the famous brand of pizza, but it’s in the frozen pizza ads mistakenly used # WhyIStayed this hot labels, it had been intended to evoke the attention of the domestic violence.

in this case, such lapses is due to lack of overall understanding of the content. Social media publishers believe that Twitter tag is very clever, but on the contrary, it will offend those who cause social problems in such comments under the personal stories of the anger of the public.

there are some mistakes from improper management of social media, some chance to use the company account instead of personal account information. Such a thing more than you might think! Such as the United States at the Chrysler auto company (Chrysler) employees with the company accounts posted a negative comments about Detroit’s frustration.

“the irony is that Detroit with # motorcity (note: cloud network editor king hunting in Detroit auto famous in the world, was labeled as the motor city), but the people here is fucking don’t know how to drive.”

if it is not embarrassed, then I tell you this Twitter but Detroit ads celebration in Chrysler released…

error indeed produced

people prone to errors, technology is also the same. But if social media is wrong is not the end of the world; The sun also rises tomorrow, commercial transactions will continue to.

in order to avoid the brand company suffer any permanent damage or cause any bad social influence, please click the following steps, the consequences could be reduced to a minimum.

we can remedy? Yes, we can!

each of the mistakes made by his social media is a unique, subsequent remedies should also consider from various angles. Effective for a company may not be effective for all companies.

according to the specific details of the event to consider what company affected by the how, what branch (management department, public relations, the legal department or hr) affected by the.

if you delete a conditional release of relevant words, then please work with your team into seriously discuss the advantages and disadvantages of delete. Delete comments can stop has been published to the network platform of the original continue to be reprinted, but if the original enough explosive, the media will take screenshots, relevant comments also cannot be completely forgotten.

however, “owns” the ownership of the speech is the firm no longer avoid fallout is a good way to move on.

time strategy and delay all social media to release the new information. If use tools such as Hootsuite set before the company account at the appropriate time automatic announcement, so remember to delete all booking information.

Tesco, the British supermarket chain, because didn’t delete the booking notice and commandeered, its beef shelves were detected with exposure in news of horse meat. In dealing with negative impact, Tesco’s official Twitter apparently forgot to delete preset, horse meat incident wave is not flat, “hit the hay” speech and ironically misfortune was released.

“a bit sleepy now, let’s go out and hit the hay! See you tomorrow at eight o ‘clock in the morning ~ # TescoTweets ”

are you ready to on mistakes you’d better keep silence before announcement issued a statement, the company to avoid publicity when inappropriate to talk about not related content.


understand the public response to the greatest extent

if the company had made a mistake on the use of social media, will soon spread the voice of praise, the company at any time should be the first to recognize the situation. Understand the situation interpretation means the ability to make the best, the best management and control.

use similar Hootsuite uberVU tools can provide real-time alarm, remind brand mentioned events, activities, and emotional problems.

you on current events and the public opinion of your company to understand more, the easier it is to you in case need to send a company spokesman, news and media announcement.

if you have already messed up, don’t the wipe the black

if you have already messed up, don’t clutched. We must understand that has behavior paradigm, emotion and personality will pant son of the living will log on to social media accounts. Is important for companies that make mistakes have compassion and understanding attitude, rather than personal bias to dig into the already complicated situation.

Amy baking company in Arizona Scittsdale area open a restaurant owned by a pair of husband and wife, they after a set “Ramsay’s kitchen nightmare” to fame on the Internet, then, Ramsay left the program, because the couple is very difficult to work with.

the small company’s social media account then issued a number of self-preservation, aggressive and threatening language, pointing to the negative effect of public on the matter. After the accident, the couple didn’t apologize or reiterated the company’s values, but claimed that their account was attacked by hackers, they are cooperating with the FBI security hole survey (this seems unlikely to happen).


“go back to sleep, smelly boy! Do what you should come to the success of go, because we have millions of supporters and the business can do! You can defeat us!”

“I am a perfect woman, a great cook, a good wife, is also my child’s good mother. And one day, we can regenerate a child and make a pair of good parents. You wait and see!”

in the face of negative pressure, it is irresponsible way. You should be calm, stay calm, and conform to the norms of behavior to respect your company’s brand.


honesty is countermeasures

, make the best choice for you is really an apology. It sounds easy, but one involving technology factors can invent 1 million reasons.

DiGiorno took only a very brief words to blame the user in the event of use wrong labels apologize for lack of knowledge. Then use the company account for each on Twitter to participate in this reply to apologize.

phil base is a verification “dishonesty will destroy the public’s loyal and trust” of living examples. Company although can’t control the fast-food restaurants, puts forward against gay marriage, but can control behavior in the face of social media strongly opposed.

however, when the public protest against this point of view to the company, he has created a fake Facebook profile, an officer of the company, from the company interests against the negative comments. Obviously, the company fell into his dug a pit for oneself, to create false documents into another scandal.

so, control your reactions, delay or fraud is amateurish and more guilty.

is not a way to solve all problems

to brand companies participating social disputes of the audience to give unique reply is very important. A large number of copy and paste the template information is out of the work.

the company must make great efforts to find another time to make up the loss, otherwise, the victims can feel the company made a mess, not enough attention to the incident.

don’t use a similar “we silly” or “we don’t understand” brand of statements lower IQ – you may have made the wrong – and with a straightforward vernacular indicate brand mission and values, which shows a powerful force.

, like most of us in our 24/7 reported news, your brand error can quickly calm down, unless further upset for damage control. In order to prevent mistakes may happen in the future, all administrators before using brand social media channels to release information to follow some basic rules.

social media propaganda the golden rule of

does not contain contentious topics or words . nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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