Social alarm clock Wakie, let strangers call you get up every day

cloud network hunting note: believe in such a cold winter morning we now can instantly awake from sleep to prepare for a new day, but if have friendly strangers can chat with you will you wake up? Wakie applications can provide you with the thoughtful service, simply register can afford to get rid of daily lethargy in the morning.

“hey, how are you, I am calling to call you get up,” I’m a little embarrassed to say.

“oh, thank you. Where are you from?” A woman with strong Irish accent asked.

“Britain. You are Irish, right?”

“how do you know?” She asked sarcastically. (Ireland has been the British invasion)

“because the top of the screen with the flags show… “

Wakie spent nine months through apple censorship, finally introduced the iOS version. Wakie, is a “social”, the alarm clock can let you wake up strangers, or wake up by a stranger. It was originally in 2011 as a web site launched in Russia, then redesigned to debut earlier this year in WP and Android platform, this app is designed to use real (i.e., Wakie the other members of the community) to replace mobile phone alarm clock.

Wakie co-founder and chief executive of Hrachik Adjamian told me: “most people hate the alarm clock, every day there are billions of people because of these old alarm or alarm clock, and very unhappy. We try to make the world a friendly stranger’s voice to make users happy, they are all very friendly strangers, believe that we can let users in the morning with a smile. Many people say after using our service began to fall in love with in the morning, after all, good morning casts a nice day “.

to be wake up users (known as “sleepy”), the working mechanisms of Wakie with other alarm clock. You just need to set to wake up of time. Once to wake up of time, the application will let another user to call you. Then, you talk to each other about one minute time, before you know it will be clear. If that time Wakie community to nobody, it will play the automatic information will you wake up.

Adjamian said: “a lot of people still fast asleep when alarm clock rang, simply call don’t wake up. Our research shows that with a stranger talk for a minute, you will have 99% of the brain awake. Because when someone ask you a question in the morning, your brain will immediately forced myself awake. Moreover, in order to show the friendly side, the body will try to open the social behavior patterns. So after the stranger calls, you can’t fall asleep again, even if you don’t just slept for a while. Much”

by Wakie application I get in touch with the first one is an American woman, her words no didn’t feel surprised, but also revealed the embarrassment, feels as though she was just waking up. Then I suddenly understand, this is because she is “sleepy” haven’t awake, and I was “Wakie” identity wake her up. While it’s hard for me to understand what she said – after all, she was still half asleep, but we still use the remaining 45 seconds, until the application will be interrupting our conversation.

the first time in the role call awkward Wakie doesn’t let me stop trying, I once again “throw the dice. This time the other party is an American man, voice sounds very cheerful. “I’m here to wake you up,” I said more confidently. “Thank you!” He answered, but he sounded sober, seems to have to wake up for hours. After two attempts, I have also become more handy.

the third phone call is an Irish woman, she later told me, this year 22 years old, she used the app twice, once as “Wakie, another is” sleepy “. That once I start that his identity, the reporter realized that we only have 1 minutes of talk time, I will visit her on the experience of feeling. Feel fun, she said, and have felt several times to wake up then some interesting conversation and voice chat (once each other into asleep did not answer the phone, their phone will automatically forwarded to voicemail, and the situation appears more than once, Wakie is going to solve this problem). Given Wakie anonymous properties of application, I asked her if she faced harassment of others. She said no, so far, the entire Wakie community are very friendly.

at the end of our conversation, “Natalie in Wakie application on the BBS of” published a message, the user can talk on the platform or trying to get in touch with them just called, she tag information sent to the “British journalist man”, let me a member (or any other Wakie community) have a chance to reply. This just signal Wakie application exploration direction in the future.”

Wakie, now in development, “senior members” paid version, this version will wake-up call time increased to 5 minutes of conversation, allowing you to specify want to call a person’s sex and can see their profiles in hindsight, of course, all this will depend on each other’s privacy Settings.

Adjamian said: “in addition, we also try to add some high intelligent automatic telephone. You will be able to set a “private tailored” alarm clock: it tells the weather in your city, your industry news and information, interesting fact, etc. We are testing another product is’ famous’ clock. You can buy their favorite idol voice alarm clock, every day to hear from him or her different pre-recorded telephone recording. Celebrities can promote themselves on their social network page of the alarm clock, and we will launch a revenue sharing with them.”


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