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wallpaper products, is a very large category, the beautification based on mobile phones and demand. The present situation is: giants with wallpaper class application volume promotion squeezing a third party. Wallpaper, such as: baidu baidu, millions of wallpaper: millet, 360 (360), a subsidiary of wallpaper, etc.

the third party mass wallpaper application in android wallpaper (the current users first wallpaper products) odd wallpaper, etc (2013 award-winning class wallpaper applications). Rank third party wallpaper MaoJian besides mover advantage early hand, the product itself is also a important decision factors. The market is very crowded, but colorful wallpaper the new players look to squeeze in.

colorful wallpaper for your position is: use and expressive. Positioning of the crowd is a desktop beautification, lock screen beautification, personalized pursuit of smartphone users. The current product features: a key wallpaper, windmills rotation change the wallpaper. Gravity slide, gravity tilt in the picture. In figure, shake can change the wallpaper. Timing the wallpaper, set the wallpaper change regularly, and other functions.

but to be honest, these functions are only jin tian mountain flowers, meet user demand for existing wallpaper there is no big changes or subversion. Future android third party system will also put the desktop have charged with more and more strict, integration of application experience, the existence of the wallpaper in the future value and how much?

if based on the lock screen and desktop wallpaper extends out of the user’s demand, in acquiring enough users at the same time, have the capacity to the fields of the desktop extension. But this time in today whether has passed. Android fragmentation in the field of ecology and localization, each big mobile phone manufacturer established its own ecological standards, while the desktop field is open, but the future is sure to catch on desktop product experience more tightly. Third party service provider or surrender to system in the domain of the desktop, or hold thigh for cooperation. Give them the sprint running out of time.

but there is another voice, colorful team they thought: the large area, big companies to do more, wallpaper the small classification, the current as the standard, 360, tencent, baidu, millet and other companies are involved. But just a lot of professional, so left some opportunities for startups. At present, the top android wallpaper, wallpaper works such as entrepreneurial teams, product experience is also many, in this area, product experience has larger ascension space, still can make a difference, if done well, can make up for the classification of products available.

the mobile Internet era, the overall user base is very big, do a particularly large entrepreneurial teams don’t care, or from the platform to start doing 扥 products, any a tiny field instead, as long as it can meet the demand of users, perfectly, there will be a good harvest. And team to hunt cloud network said: at present, the discus the lock screen wallpaper at the picture, accelerometer and wallpaper wallpaper slideshow function are all its own. Is also colorful wallpaper is version 1.0, more features are perfect, the future field of dynamic wallpaper, the lock screen wallpaper, there will be more features online.

in , CEO Xu Junhui worked at A8 music, art, music, meters chords, experienced a decade of mobile Internet experience. Team members are from the former meters music team, top 91 net dragon team, etc.

colorful wallpaper

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