Snapchat new action: $486 million to refinance, push the media story collection layout

(word/qing nan)

time in the United States at the end of 2014, “burn after reading” photo sharing application Snapchat is good news, and completed a new round of financing, raised a lot of money, in addition to launch new products and services.

according to Snapchat on Wednesday with the securities and exchange commission (SEC), according to documents submitted by the company raised $486 million a new round of financing. Papers also showed that a total of 23 investors to participate in this round of investment, but did not disclose the specific investors.

so far, this start-up company founded in 2011, the total scale of financing has been more than $649 million, just before four months (August 2014), Snapchat just completed $20 million in financing, valuation reached 10 billion us dollars at the time, its investors including Benchmark, Kleiner Perkins and General Catalyst Partners. Push again, the company also received tencent’s investment, when the company’s valuation of $4 billion. Otherwise, alibaba’s jack ma has also intends to invest, is popular. Before this, Snapchat has refused to Facebook and Google bid $30, 40.

Snapchat can receive many Internet giant attention is one of the important factors of its development. Apply online for 3 years, its users more than 100 million (rose 55% over the last year), the audience most age between 13 to 25 years old, users share 700 million snapshots every day. Although also is far lower than the independent visitors to Facebook, but if the amount according to the piece of share, its popularity even more than Facebook.

under the new situation, Snapchat began to layout new product form, that is a low profile into the media. But for now, Snapchat is main strategy is to allow the user to act as the content of manufacturing and communicators.

in October 2013, Snapchat launched Story (Stories), launched in June and the Story of “Our” (Our Story), allows users to make real-time event photos and video collection. Today in the New Year’s eve, the company and plan for the first time by the authorities to collect content to the global user story collection.

this is a very important change, content of form began to transition from a fully initiated by the user to the mix, so from this perspective, Snapchat in future will be more than a “media”.

if you disagree to this, look at Snapchat chief operating officer, Emily? White (Emily White) to the company the time New Year’s eve move said: “this is a very important moment. This is part of the experiment. Snapchat is happening have a chance to become part of the event.”

Snapchat function is extremely popular, the story of the user according to the daily life to create massive amounts of content, this will let Snapchat evolved into a pair of broadcast media platform. Some advertisers are in Snapchat platform test advertising services. It is reported that several media companies have start negotiations with Snapchat content broadcasting service.

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