Snake swallow like: search challenge BAT, is in the “who”?

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search, for the average Internet users, can be a very strange name. But how dare not, starting today, we need to know this “old friend”. Although less in the search market almost negligible, it is now and BAT three giant challenge at the same time. Familiar with it, of course, may say search is trying again (search, President and CEO pai). Who knows, anyway, all people in the Internet industry in turn plays a fool fool others and by others.

when enemies Vs presence

yesterday, found the great hall of the people in the golden hall held a search please search 4.0 open platform press conference. Plane to the conference and as tall as the same, more than two hours of flip, hunting cloud network search a major strategy in the future editing jun summarized as: self-help become BAT three common enemy. Of course, no matter if the search, but they do things is like that. So-called create “personal portal search” namely a include social, business, virtual currency (mobile payment), O2O, etc., is a blend of almost all of the concept of the latest and hottest super mobile search APP.

use the search after the mobile end users to upgrade to version 4.0, you will see a “super news reading application”, which contains “social circle”, you can choose to join a different circle of interest, to get the so-called “recommended” accurate news; You can use the built-in in the application of super “search Snapchat”, to the circle of rawness, send regular burnt information; You can also buy or contribute content, through to obtain search ambitious “virtual currency” to search COINS, it can be used to shopping in application, on the offline some self-help shopping to buy drinks, etc. This also don’t finish calculate, search also released Internet financial products, cornucopia, claimed the annualised rate of 8%.

conference held in the golden hall in the great hall of the people

so, search to do has been far from “Google” in China, “challenger” baidu, the super application has become an all-encompassing basket, want to put any users need to turn to their own platform. In view of this, hunting cloud network editor said search has become a public enemy of the BAT, was not a bit exaggerated.

but its ambitions in contrast, is dismal performance of search in the market and user almost no presence in the heart. The figure below shows the Chinese search engine market share from CNZZ latest. Yes, you can’t see from the graph search, because the poor it in “other” category. Small market share almost negligible. We are unable to determine search on the user’s brand influence in the heart has how old, but a hunting cloud network editor in 90 after jun, basically have never used search. I unwilling, to multiple consecutive good gay friend send WeChat messages asking if they used search, unfortunately, does not even have a of them heard of search. No investigation no say, such a small scale survey is not enough to make conclusive judgment. But it at least on one side shows the search on the Internet and mobile Internet from generation to generation, the possession of the location is very worrying.

what’s interesting is that almost all of “China” on the fate of the above innovation projects are not very good: “Chinese search”, “operating system” of China, the “, China’s network system standard “


open versus closed

search to build open platform, open, functional technology, but its purpose is to build an enclosed garden fence. Different areas of the partners have access to the search, whether is the user want to watch the news, search things, or want to online shopping, buy fund, can (and should) in search of the platform.

the user “rounded” platform, here is the nature of all majors and wishes. However, all have such ambitious plans had almost no good end. From so far at least, not yet a company to build its own walled garden.

Google jealous Facebook social data, Google +, while the latter is now basically is dead. Amazon jealous of Google’s Android platform, launched the amazon’s mobile phone, hope to be able to occupy the mobile client and Google struggle against there has been (both), unfortunately, the device is said to have been squeezed now a large number of inventory. Examples of us even more: ali’s correspondence, tencent’s search, baidu has ah… Above, these companies are dominating in his field, even so, they almost all in the field of invading each other when they failed.

that search is called a every “new features”, basically in the area has a very strong opponent. Want to use others’ strong points to attack others, this routine is either impressively huge courage, or purely strategic blind.

this is not to speak and giant head will certainly lose, at least, this is a very small probability. Even successful, because you really have to innovation. Taobao beat eBay is get profit model innovation, iOS, Android extrusion is rely on experience and cooperation strategy of innovation. Return to head to see those novelty search is introduced, which has not in imitation of others’ success?

learn others Vs do yourself

is not only the Internet industry, the whole society is full of desire for success of blundering. Practitioners all hope through rapid replication of others’ success model, to achieve. Compared with “seriously do their”, people are more likely to “others”.

his path followed the footsteps of the winners is down to business. Want to use the successful way beyond winners, challenge of one party cannot be improve, improve, and should be a qualitative leap, even subversion. For there is neither sense, and on the verge of absolute challenger position search, rather than to learn others build platform, is inferior to calm down, no longer realize what, what to do, what to do.

just the day before the search 4.0 conference foreign well-known search engine almost just announced in China are disabled. We don’t discuss why, single is its successful experience is worth people to think about. And Google all-round record user data precision advertising information delivery, almost hit “not collect user data, the absolute guarantee of user privacy” search concept. Especially in the last year snowden revealed the prism to monitor after the scandal, almost page views is a rising tide lifts all boats. Although its share and Google is more than one order of magnitude, but the media called “Google the most strong competitors”.

apparently, imitate others than to find his bearings as soon as possible. Even overthrow the giant, also can survive on the margins of society.

in the process of assembly, zhongguancun angel investment the committee, executive director of ji-hong niu, caused the hunting of the cloud network editor king infinite daydream: “chairman xi an increasing emphasis on the security of network, it is an opportunity for Chinese companies to. While foreign Internet companies don’t have this advantage.”

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