Smuggling iPhone 6 prices diving, scalpers losses

(/horse relief yi wen)

, smuggled from Hong Kong into the mainland of a new generation of iPhone price is facing a sharp decline “embarrassing situation”. The basic configuration iPhone 6 and iPhone Plus the mainland’s gray price already from the previous 12000/15000 yuan to 15000 yuan/RMB 8800.

iPhone 6 gray mainly comes from the mainland, Hong Kong, Hong Kong has to launch a new generation of the iPhone a week ago. Scalpers through in Hong Kong, the relationship between use of citizenship to hold a Hong Kong identity card, price to buy (each $325 more than the official reservation) hoarding a certain number of products. After the devices are being smuggled to the mainland China guangdong province.

a reluctant to disclose the identity of the wholesalers, points out that only a week earlier, they each secretly sold iPhone 6 can be a net gain of at least $163. But now, as a new generation of the iPhone 6 gray diving, they are experiencing huge economic losses.

the mainland customs with smugglers on this test. Scalpers to avoid check detained by law enforcement agencies, adopted the practice of “walking on the boundary”. Carry the iPhone 6 smugglers, are required to walking along the Hong Kong and guangdong border, once found, the smugglers will claim that it is their use of devices, and not to sell smuggling. In view of this, a lot of smuggled iPhone 6 fingerprint recognition is already been used.

analysts pointed out that smuggling iPhone price gap between before and after, and reflects a number of foreign companies, represented by the iPhone and its products in China. On the one hand, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers menacing; On the other hand, the political game between China and the United States, also becomes one of risk factors for foreign businesses in China.

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