Smart watches, round must, for example?

when people at the circular eagerly anticipated by his smart watches, circular smart bracelet overrun. Part of the reason may be that when the forerunner of the smart watches, such as samsung and Pebble after devices are square (rectangular) model is adopted. Fatigue, after all. I wondered when the circular smart watches the tide strikes, people will not miss the square of the watch?


it’s nice to see LG G R in design efforts, but for these I fry very hot round Watch still reservations. Of course, they looked more like a “real” watch, but if the watches on market performance relative to other Android watch no ascension, the circular dial may not be as attractive as you think.

Moto 360

for these round watch, my main question is, although the circular dial is very suitable for mechanical watches, mechanical watches, but appeared before the invention of the digital watch that time what we can also use other ways to show time? The smart watch not only shows the time that a function. In reading the existing Android notification message, round dial practicality is very low. In a circular screen, a large amount of screen space is not used to, and in view the news when there will be a very embarrassing situation – information content into a circular in below.

in addition, please remember, in order to make smart watch little battery get enough battery life, when you do not use the watch, the screen will automatically dimming, want to see the time some reluctance. And because of that, for smart watch shows the time do not use the big number when it is almost impossible. Since you want is a watch can show the function of the large number, so what’s the meaning of circular dial?

we will be in the coming week or so to get the Moto 360 final amount of the product, see the circular dial’s performance in practical use.

what’s more, than the round dial, I think a square but bending (even elastic), conform to the arms of dial, is smart watches a better solution.

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