Smart umbrella umbrellas and no umbrella, share “white”

a firm and a shy person, like to have their own independent space fully, holding an umbrella in rainy day, but with such an amazing and absorbing ideas – umbrella reflects everything. Not long ago, I inadvertently found a exciting idea behind open an umbrella on a rainy day.

Kickstarter website has such a project, “share the umbrella with strangers, you through the application of control bluetooth lamp, on the surface of the umbrella on a rainy day by changing the color of the light to tell others, are you willing to share your umbrella for him or her. Green represents you like, red represents I like an independent space.

the umbrella designers Patience Lee said in an interview, the idea is derived from a design competition for a start, the project for interactive prize competition, aims at “facilitate communication between the people and society.” And the four team members of this umbrella is by the Hong Kong polytechnic university of interaction design professional graduates.

“we remember that in the rain, no umbrella stand in Hong Kong subway station waiting for the rain stopped. Four at the time we can do is to look at the hands of the umbrella was embarrassed initiative to share with the person beside, “li said.

“so here we have an idea about the umbrella. Through a signal to tell people you are willing to help others to share your umbrella, instead of focusing on whether you dare to take the initiative to invite others to share an umbrella with you.”

of course, the concept of smart umbrella must be below the premise that there are enough users, through the Internet and related applications. Lee said the projects, in order to have more users to discuss with big companies, the umbrella as a complimentary gift for the customer, and through some social networks and their platform to create an umbrella group of consumption to expand.

even if you don’t like strangers and share your umbrella, umbrella here still have several functions are very useful. You can be used by applications that you find this feature of people of different social networks will be added as a friend. Another feature allows you to follow the weather forecast, remind you to go out in the increased probability of rainfall weather need to carry an umbrella. And an umbrella itself has a very cute design, the color will change because of the change of temperature and humidity. See here, you also like me, looking forward to this umbrella so dramatic!


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