Smart hardware: after can make it better?

cloud network hunting on November 7th (word/madman silly)

crazy speech crazy language: this parable believes everyone not unfamiliar, mend in intelligent hardware large heat of the moment, all kinds of intelligent hardware to lead you into the intelligent life behind the banner, the modern version for driven capital concept prison giant and entrepreneurs are lost practical technology and user tolerance lamb…

“baidu to a bicycle, smart!” Don’t know you heard, my roommates said thoughtfully, little crazy listened. Just online recently fresh in 2014 by the optimal criteria with the boy and girl, little crazy in addition to the size of short some plus is no revenue “almost” chew old gens, basic was elected with the female, have a good mood. Although can’t find so many friends and family play the part of a flight attendant “class” local tyrants wedding, but have a car can have a better life or masturbatory. Since small basic equal with the female should have mad with the female style, car temporarily don’t consider, but total travel can’t always depend on the number 11 bus, although small crazy warm support energy conservation and environmental protection.

smart bike, seemed like a good choice, what do you think? Baidu also not is developing intelligent bicycle, everyone just can with little crazy Chou Chou.

words baidu to develop this smart bike led by IDL, plans to baidu brain as the core engine, navigation, social, health monitoring, crowdsourcing cycling route maps, intelligent recommendation module integration and fitness programs, and other functions, and then through the platform, the interface way, open to all bicycle manufacturers, help transform and upgrade traditional bicycle manufacturers towards intelligent.

its body fusion operation of intelligent and artistic design, build the cloud big data for user health records, bring their own power generation function, besides can meet “in”, for smartphones and other external devices. Conductor built-in GPS real-time judge the position of the bike, can also help the owner to solve small crazy worry about security issues.

, etc., how is so familiar feeling? is this on the bike plus a smartphone and a generator? then, system, application customization is a smart bicycle…

baidu bike now oneself or a concept, feed on concept won’t cheat you my stomach hungry, since the two rounds of temporarily without change the round is also compared. Want to buy a car, get a “license”, or watching it every day can’t not sad indeed?

is better than the report which when driving a smart with the function of automatic parking, intelligent cruise automotive news attract the attention of a little crazy, the first China smart cars in chengdu international BBS estimates that focus on intelligent hardware are known. Baidu compared to the smart bike, tesla’s smart car is more charming.

using the sensors, and microprocessor intelligent car can be divided into car intelligent security system, intelligent security, intelligent key, intelligent collision avoidance, intelligent instrument, intelligent charging, car lights brighten up and etc, with the television cameras, a combination of computer and automatic control system, can automatically start, acceleration, braking, can bypass obstacles ground car also would not automatically.

words is just the driver into a car sleep can reach the destination. The growth and development of electronic technology, the wave of the intelligent hardware also scraped his car here. Smart car as a combination of new and high technology, has become the world’s vehicle engineering research in the field of hot and momentum to the growth of automobile industry, the development prospect to be reckoned with.

unfortunately, all of these concepts. tesla is actually just defense alert mechanism in r&d accident, said driverless cars will spread in 2023, the smart car is still very early…

but consider may, if the car really smart, how many people will be driving with life? Especially intelligent unmanned, because you may wake up to find yourself not to arrive, but in front of god… Whether you dare to dare not, anyway, in accordance with the small crazy this limited intelligence and courage, I was afraid to, “pull breeze sincere commendable, life price is higher,” little crazy, after all, the “sheep” is too afraid of dead ~ ~

you might want to despise me, “you also afraid, that also afraid, that you are not afraid of what?” I’m not afraid, I lose the child! Recent online is the news of the abused children everywhere, the murderer was caught, of course, large pieces of the heart, but is “the lamb” flowers of the motherland, is the parents’ pride, it is imperative that how to avoid such tragedy, so children’s bracelet then arises at the historic moment.

now on the market of children’s intelligence bracelet has three main functions: the GPS real-time positioning, parents need to be installed on the smart phone APP, hand environment and development via the mobile phone to send command), intelligent learning and warning (system can automatically identify the safety area, once the abnormal offering mobile phone automatically send alarm), remote monitoring (built-in GSM call module, is to establish a one-way call connection).

children’s guardians kind of intelligent bracelet selling recently, along with a variety of beautiful colors to choose from, as long as our lamb a hand, hold the situation of the children do mom and dad, children’s safety index increased, more a learning aid. The future of the children’s bracelet will be a piece of blue ocean.

it’s just that I have a small concern: now the hottest smart series products, must be famous. We know that it forces the lamb, and he did not know it, without extra trouble disarming the lamb who lost in which corner, even warning system, children with adhd with professional Wolf…

when and how should we look for trace of the lamb? Children’s bracelet and how to do the escort for the children? Little crazy fool, I don’t know how to solve this problem.

this function more like a train people’s “safety and cleanliness.

said ubiquitous life-threatening, feed a more than 100 people resolute don’t dole strongman, sudden death, than those who eat empty rates with low the rich to the venerable, because of the cervix and sudden death of college students is very a pity it is, who knows a little the cervix has ruined the young man’s wonderful life!

now people living pressure, body quality also is not optimistic, this need not say little crazy everyone know, you and me these apparently healthy people estimate that no one can really said he was not healthy.

are you still worry about their health problems, to a healthy bracelets. Health bracelet is varied, have apple iWatch, fitbit fitbit Flex, plump plump hand ring, heard even Microsoft has helped to ring to…

in now are paying more attention to health, health bracelet will undoubtedly bring about a revolution. Using hand ring, people clearly understand that their timely response to the health, quality of life improved steadily.

but most intelligent bracelet now battery life is limited, can provide users with treatment, emergency early warning function did not highlight, health bracelet or there is a lot of room to improve, can say is a must to users in the future.

so giant and entrepreneurs started playing “entrance”, social, business, big data, and so on direction of bracelets will be converted into cash have become the key development direction…

industry bosses when launching new products always don’t forget to emphasize those little crazy this sounds tall on the concept of amateurs, to warm the capital market, small crazy wanted to know if leaders in research and development of the intelligent hardware like the Beijing subway pricing for a hearing?

their intelligent hardware are certainly has its advantages, but users is such a demand? The user’s needs is what kind of? Man’s patience is limited, users have enough patience, it developed? ideal is very plentiful, reality is very skinny. Blindly boasting about the concept of product, it will only widens the gap between concept and reality; Product and user demand cannot be docking, will only make the only users become numb, lose confidence.

but only under the concept of the standard, and reach to practical technology and product features far, will only make their products is impractical, oneself also forget their original intention, the must to meet the user expectations. When a user of those concepts tired numbness, combined with the common political struggle in a large company such as Google, better way is not far away.

camouflage too much will only lost products continue to ignore the user’s patience and the market demand will only die his sheep. In the face of new market concept, or use your heart, don’t let the pursuit of capital and the concept but forget the essence of user requirements, product.

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