Small soy sauce: activities and information sharing platform

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activities of colleges and universities information is rich, but did not have a good show. Tsinghua team doing product small soy sauce is trying to solve these things. It is an activity and information publishing and sharing platform, to reduce the information barriers between schools, provide channels of communication between the campus and field.

core is very simple, actually is geared to the needs of young group activities in colleges and universities Shared platform. Information between universities and interferes with activities outside school — will appeal to youth. They offer services for individuals and groups.

personal users, can be found in the small soy sauce of interest group activities, also can subscribe to the group information convenient push activities of interest. Individual users can also share their known quality activity information.

in view of the groups, small soy sauce can provide a simple home page, contains the introduction, historical events, exchange zone. Currently only for group built a launch and interactive communication channels. In the future to provide one-stop services for activities. Contains release, online registration, communication, review activities such as subsequent content. At present small soy sauce also support users subscribe to the weekly activity in the form of E-mail, and micro letter, public support activity information search.

cloud network understand found hunting, in fact, in the field of activity is already has a tendency to the vertical. In addition to the platform class activities such as line, activist, 31 meeting, providing a one-stop service activities released + registration management. Vertical only on Internet activities such as idlers in the industry has been considerable popularity of the Internet. And those who provide entry MaiKe tools products, friends pay, also have their customers.

small soy sauce to the crowd positioning, for the young group, provide between universities and enterprises outside job, recruitment, performance, lectures, games and other activities. Deng Hongchen tell hunting cloud network, small soy sauce android and IOS has been launched. AnZhuoDuan allows users to talk to each other. Reminders IOS side support activities. And small soy sauce activity recommendations to their original “intersection” mode, which means the user to select two interest, the system will automatically to export the intersection of two label, maximize do by interest to find activities.

team, small soy sauce team consists of 14 tsinghua university, National People’s Congress of college students. Founder Deng Hongchen graduated from tsinghua university software institute. A former tsinghua outsourcing team head, community organization, an internship in many Internet startup companies work. March 14 years out of school to start small soy sauce activity sharing platform, the current small oil has attracted nearly thousand, organisers get hundreds of students.

small sauceCompany: Beijing bag technology co., LTD.

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