Small fly: based on the geographical location of O2O, do wi-fi flow of trade

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it is well known that smart phone Internet special cost flow, the overage packet access fees and more expensive. The popularity of the Internet, every family mount broadband, people are free to use in the home wi-fi resources. Once away from home, but when we need to get to the Internet, and often no wi-fi available, this caused inconvenience to many mobile phone users.

although almost all households with broadband, but is encrypted, strangers unable to Shared resources. If the plane to go to work during the day and night sleeping of time, every wi-fi actual utilization rate is not high, and the broadband fee every year is not low. Now, if you can spare the wi-fi resources plain code marks a price for people with needs, meet the others and won the earnings, your car productively to it.

the fly is a domestic development to benefit based on the wi-fi sharing of mobile client application. In simple terms, micro flying users can you don’t need to use the wi-fi period, in the form of share in the case of absolute security and does not disclose passwords, the payment method to the surrounding friends willing to pay to use the wi-fi.

the fly target audience is wi-fi monthly users and intelligent mobile Internet users, distributors can not disclose passwords to let others under the security status of paid use wi-fi resources, there are three kinds of charging ways: is 1 hour and 0.4 yuan respectively, 1 yuan 3 hours, 12 hours, 3 yuan. Micro flying is free of charge to the customer, and do not collect user fees in the process of buying and selling.

so clever thing, using the process is simple. After downloading the APP, wi-fi provider (seller) and the demand (buyer) can be traded on the platform wi-fi traffic. Sellers set by a key, will share out, home wireless router to near 100 meters within the scope of the WiFi phone and Pad Shared on the Internet, then lower fees to users.

it breaks the traditional way of wi-fi sharing. For wi-fi share, while its wi-fi use, can make full use of idle wi-fi resources; And to get considerable additional revenue. For wi-fi consumers can low cost fast Internet anytime and anywhere, and was relieved from the high cost of broadband.


“I often on business hotel, found quick hotel has a lot of locked wi-fi signals, then ask no password, I want to buy, money but don’t know who to pay, in this case, I would have to develop the software.” When it comes to development and inspiration, founder of micro flying huai-liang guo convective cloud network reporter said. “The yuan is assets, real estate assets, flow and assets. But the traffic is precipitation, we need to do is to revitalize the flow of assets and stock, flow is a currency attribute.”

consumers can also free use Shared dealer wi-fi, micro flying for business development of the free version. Merchants free sharing network, can release products, companies, shops and other advertising information, all connections using the network of people will see. “Can do free publicity, and can let customers use the free WiFi. Is it not kill two birds with one stone?”
The micro flying has been updated to V2.1.2 version. Micro flying out to update V2.1.0 stylish version adds the function of micro market, distributors can be released commodity information, choose the seller offline nearby. “You can also send your baby to make friends; With the same baby in return for a date; And others exchange baby; Rent… “

cloud network hunting the reporter understands, “flies” core team members three people, founder and CEO huai-liang guo graduated from the university of sunderland network engineering, there are eight years the Internet? Experience; Company existing staff 8 people, respectively in C/C + + development, server Java development, software development, product publicity and promotion and UI design.

it is understood that since June 1, “flies” online, since more than 4 months accumulated share the WiFi signal has more than 600000. The iOS version is also listed in October. “Flies” has obtained the angel investment, the next step for A round of $3 million, accounting for 10% stake.

The micro flying

Company: Shanghai xiong jun network technology co., LTD.

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