Small demon, crowdsourcing custom pattern into the mask gently luxury consumer market

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about entrepreneurial small demon, is a combination of accidental factors and the inevitable. Founder zhao accidentally twice on the plane, see several girls apply face film resistance on the plane cabin altitude ultraviolet ray, and then had to do a for the flight attendant product; A necessary factor is zhao through data analysis domestic women consumer market, China’s beauty and personal care products sales is expected to reach $38 billion this year, while the mask market at present the growth, but the women in the consumer market, in addition to the international top brands, women consumer goods is the basis of common products, in the tide of meet consumers upgrade, lack of orientation to the high light level luxury products. So zhao, do small demon brand with the thinking of innovation.

small demon is zhao a second entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial team from the company China, CO – WEIBO, the origin of capital, many top companies such as Leo Burnett, have experience in Internet startup. The entrepreneurship of small demon, positioning in the high-end luxury, choose the mask as a single attack, adopt crowdsourcing novel pattern, designed for monthly salary 15000 + flight attendant groups and often travel consumer custom light plane luxury goods brand. Small demon is not traditional electricity, but custom pattern based on the packet make small demon light luxury consumer goods brand. Zhao a cloud network, hunting “face film industry is an area where consumers passive, small demon mask that you want to use Internet tools to break the barriers of information asymmetry, and at the same time with crowdsourcing model in this field.”

crowdsourcing, simple understanding is doing product development demand research, through the network to the user’s true feeling as the starting point. Specific to the small demon, the traditional industries at the core of product research and development crowdsourcing to consumers, let consumers involved in the product research and development of the whole process; According to the research and development of the package to the conclusion that the output to more than 19 of the country’s top suppliers, proofing test, return all the sample of the party, 3300 users continue to vote, after 11 iterations, select the final supplier; Big data through mobile Internet technology, the mask product disassembly for the 11 dimensions, each dimension basic quantitative, visualization. Zhao, “small demon recent planned investment in the United States, South Korea, France, Hong Kong and establish international top beauty makeup LABS and international technical cooperation, the world’s top technology into China.”

at present, the small demon first launched a series of black and white mask achieved good market feedback. For the mask itself, essence to membrane as the carrier into the skin, if there is no right carrier, essence cannot be absorbed by the skin, to a great extent is a kind of waste. Small demon mask base fabric is the world’s foresight biological fiber technique. Biological fibers derived from the earliest the clinical material of choice for burns burn patients, medical grade material to ensure the intermiscibility, conductive do best; And essence ingredients, using pure plant extract, no hormones, phosphor, all kinds of harmful substances. Zhao, “now is a lot of consumers will choose the mask essence as priority conditions, explained the principle, basic can understand small demon mask selected biological fiber membrane body.”

at the same time, small demon or a temperature of the product. Small demon mask packaging USES flat visual elements design, all of them, and the impression of the boxes and other color is also very exquisite, the above four kinds of color is a reference to the color of Paris fashion week. Small demon WeChat based public accounts, equipped with small demon micro communities, a user in the shopping, can share the fun of shopping and communication, to cultivate small demon viscous users.

based on the novel small demon crowdsourcing model and product efficacy, get specific groups – a flight attendant on the top of skin care requires widespread recognition, at the same time, more and more entertainers, model workers, senior white-collar workers and foreign come to love small demon brand. Small demon preferred WeChat public account marketing platform, through 3 months of trial, on single WeChat service number, has sold more than million. At present small demon valuation has been more than 200 million yuan, the latest round of tens of millions of dollars in financing have been near the end.

small demon on the business model, insist on thinking the dimension reduction of attack in the traditional industry, Internet industry breakdown no value of the intermediate links, let consumer and product supply chain even shaking hands directly. Small demon will continue to launch more subdivision category, make product iteration and user management, and plans in 2015 into a larger market size of product category. Zhao told a cloud network, hunting “in the future, small demon does not rule out in the field of female O2O of cross-border cooperation and innovation, become the entry of the Chinese women’s consumption platform.”

small demon

time: in May 2014,


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