Small area: micro letter platform + app, do vertical O2O community

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to establish social network and social relations between people is the center of the SNS social network service concept, and based on the vertical online community service network is the current hot, also is the trend of The Times, can the strength of the largest to share the interests of the community people, activities, background or connect in real life.

the current village life, village almost everyone owners sense property services with the owner does not meet the contradiction between the demand. Such as time delay property repair service maintenance inconvenience, services, property of water power outage notice restricted by time and place, broadcasting affected, the owner was not in time to hear that news and can’t advance the time ready to complain about, property management fee collection difficulties and other issues. In addition, in everyday life, there are some “just”. Needs are met within the community, such as: order meals, daily necessities and food and vegetable delivery, such as child custody, community activities, etc. These “just need to” let’s think, need to have such a comprehensive service platform for the community.

is the tiny area the purpose to WeChat + App platform, residential property, businesses, and owners of the community, advertisers cover at the same time, through the commercial operations to meet everyday needs, owners provide mobile community services, to the road of focus media.

community is a very large market, and the micro letter has become a way of life of today, with the help of micro letter development district application relative to the mobile phone APP can reduce the promotion cost, add the property to benefit in the chain, through the property company’s credibility to the user entry. Village, on the other hand, with mobile information needs, through micro letter public accounts API can complete manage mobile informatization of community development way, without any increase in cost of owner, improve the effect of community service. Property management information with WeChat public account.

the current vertical products are also a lot of community service applications, such as ding dong community, the community safe, such as small area difference:

1. Gain WeChat group of directional information published patent technology, the user simply WeChat attention registered to use, do not need to download the upgrade the app; Users promotion and use of low cost; 2. The point is not in the yellow pages and surrounding the mall, and in the community service convenience and interaction, only users daily use our platform, has a strong relationship and user viscosity, retain users, is likely to do more extensive business layout. 3, small area to put more energy on community interaction and public welfare, let people can easily through the community to donate their love reality and charity. Also let a lot of spare product had good news and organizational channels, avoid waste, realize the allocation of resources. At present, the small area around the agent model, 2 b’s money, let the agent to localization operation.

(but still want to remind everyone, see article eye discernment, most unreliable enterprises under the “intelligence community O2O join into the millions lies fool participants, including a liar in the majority. They do not 2 vc, 2 users, only 2 b individual small businesses or individuals to make money fast. Cloud network hunting here deep despise those speculators, as well as the real good wisdom village enterprise maybe we haven’t found the startup of salute! Point of the Internet as a whole, universal, there are always on the edge of the flame abnormal glow, but beauty is also more likely to be burned, get smart, proud of jian! Suggest user to find more, look for of the platform, at the same time the statement: hunting cloud network wrong report enterprises do any endorsement, but screening high quality project is our purpose, at the same time also does not constitute a you choose their condition.)

at present, the small area has more than 10 provinces across the country to carry out the promotion. On the one hand, with the property company strategic cooperation; At the same time, on the other hand, with the open mode of Internet users, let owner through the platform to get high quality property management services for more convenient life and charitable participation opportunity at the same time, by letting users multiple benefits and participation. Present development model is a small area, perfect products and establish YangBanDian, in YangBanDian test products and improve the business model and then copy YangBanDian experience, promote to focus area, sets up the brand, accumulation of word of mouth, so as to promote the national market, perfect the channel.

the team aspect, the founder of Jia Renchao in huawei r&d department work for 7 years, successively in the multiple main product research and development, involving the hardware, software, data, testing, maintenance, marketing, production, outsourcing and financial coordination and management in many areas, such as has also served as China telecom, the first commercial and South Africa’s major project delivery manager. COO Fang Minjie in China communications construction group design institute work for 9 years, successively engaged in technology research and development, market management, regional director of work; XiaoZhiWei CTO also in r&d department work for 7 years, huawei is huawei individual highest honor “individual gold medal award” winners, successively in the multiple main product research and development, continuous several times won the annual grade A performance. Entrepreneurial teams years software development experience and management experience for the entire product development and promotion of more specialized.

team tell hunting cloud network: small area is committed to service the community life, pull to rise the quality of life. There is currently no accept any financing small area, in the hope that through the slow and steady, service good community of users, establishing a platform of user’s trust and satisfaction. , of course, the layout of developing in the future, and need more resources and funds support, to help them to complete the market trends, meet the market demand for intelligent community.

Tiny area

Company: xi ‘an union network technology co., LTD.

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