Skype return of the king: real-time translation “killer app” is launched

(/horse relief yi wen)

Skype real-time translation – Skype Translator preview officially launched today. Interested friends can join early experience, and put forward feedback to Microsoft.

real-time translation of the concept is not new, giants such as Google, Microsoft has started as early as ten years ago in the field of research and development. But now add this functionality to IM applications, and presents relative perfect experience is Microsoft’s Skype.

although the Skype Translator only supports real-time translation, English and Spanish but Microsoft promises in the near future will add more real-time language translation support.

it is worth noting that Microsoft’s special, the real-time translation function has the function of machine learning, the more the number of people use, the more frequently, the translation of the better the results.

since the takeover by Microsoft and Skype in the era of mobile absolutely behind. However, in Microsoft’s new cross-platform service strategy, Skype should and must hold up for Microsoft the mohican social communication.

and micro letter, compared to the Line, the development way of Skype has stressed the essence of “communication”. Maybe not hesitate heavy gold with Microsoft research, real-time translation can really get left behind Skype again on the seat of the king. After all, even the WhatsApp so the application of “persisting in” pure can let wayward, $19 billion offer money more Facebook!

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