Skip the Win 9, Microsoft released Win 10 will cover the whole platform device

tencent technology XiaoHua comprehensive reports on October 1,

Microsoft today released its next generation of Windows, when the media speculation that the next generation of Windows will be named Windows, Windows TH and 9, Microsoft gives the unexpected answer: Windows 10.

Windows 10 will be covered including mobile phones, tablets, desktops and Xbox One full operating system platform, the function retained the Windows 8 touch features, and on the function of some of the details have been adjusted. Can see from the name, have high hopes for the Microsoft operating system, hoping to restore the failure of Windows 8.

full platform operating system

at the event, Microsoft Windows 10 referred to as “the history of the most complex platform”. 10 will cover all of the hardware, Windows provide integration experience, developers can write on this platform across equipment general application. Mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and Xbox One equipment, have the same interface and the same app store, cross a device using the search, purchase and upgrade.

Microsoft says Windows 10 will be able to run on all of the devices, from the Internet of things device to the enterprise data center server. These devices equipped with 4 inch screen, equipped with a 80 – inch screen, there is no screen. Wearable devices and large commercial equipment. These devices can receive keyboard, mouse, touch screen, gestures such as a variety of operating mode, and switch freely.

in recent years, apple and Google with the powerful Internet service and account system in their respective ecological gradually formed a closed loop. Through to the PC, mobile devices, attract more users, and gradually extended to smart home and wearable devices. In the mobile terminal in a backward position of Microsoft hopes through the whole platform system to fight back.

Microsoft’s biggest problem is how to attract new intelligent equipment manufacturers, to his advantage in the PC radiation out. Recently, Microsoft CEO, will be in shenzhen as an important station’s visit to China. The Windows 10 release, Microsoft also revealed a strong will, hope that through the integration of experience covering more equipment.

desktop experience return

since Windows 8 appeared in October 2012, has been under attack. Windows 8 emphasizes the touch of Metro design concept damaged Windows 7 has been familiar with the operation and interface for the user. While Microsoft in unity desktop PCS, laptops and mobile equipment system is not much on the pace of progress.

in the last updated Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s attempt to restore the start button to solve users complain about some issues on the design and use. Now Windows 10 is no longer an excessive emphasis touch operation mode, hope don’t make the mistake of Windows 8.

Windows 10 interface once again return to the tone for Windows 7. “Users when using Windows 7, it’s like driving a prius. Now replaced by Windows 10, this feeling is like driving tesla.” Vice President of Microsoft’s operating systems business Joe Belfiore said at the news conference.

in this show, in the new Windows start button to get the real return. Return the start button will be the traditional style of Windows 7 and magnet, users not only can as before on the lower left corner of the screen click on the start button on the choice of the application, and the right side of the menu will stretch out a small Metro magnet interface, support custom icon, search, etc. Of course, you can choose to return to Win 8.1 mode to the operation of the start button.

in the conference, Belfiore Windows 8 was discussed in the demonstration where problems occur. Windows 8 before the system is based on by integrating touch screen and keyboard mouse operation mode to help users improve the efficiency of use, and too much given by a laptop into the form of tablets after impact on consumers and business users. Microsoft hopes to fully satisfy two operating modes at the same time give more rivals such as apple.

“Windows 8 systems focus on touch, large screen and run the application on the tablet model, it is still a very good idea, can bring more productivity. But we are not fully play the advantages of it, and now through Windows 10, we have walked on the way to the right.” Belfiore added.

Microsoft thinks the problem is in the form of 10 Windows system can identify the equipment and automatic switch operation mode, when you use OneDrive or the software such as Word, the system will automatically detect the user is used by the touch screen or keyboard, and automatically adjust to the most effective mode of operation.

in fact, the tablets and PC integration “seal” or “deformation” did not save the demise of the PC in the consumer market, and mobile devices continue to be popular. Microsoft Windows 8 has paid a high price. In 10 of Windows, Microsoft fixed it, make the desktop to the desktop, the mobile to mobile.

in order to enhance the desktop experience, Windows 10 adopted a new way of multitasking, the task bar in the emergence of a new button: task view. When you click on the task to check the function button at the bottom of the screen can be start multiple desktop, can be more easily check the currently open application, similar to OS X.

this desktop feature allows you to display in the area of the independent multiple applications, it is for enhancing the working efficiency of the business users is very practical.

after increasing the Charms Bar functions in Windows 8 original intention is to let the user can operate at a touch is better to control the system, but in practice it appears like a start button let a person have a headache, and even in Windows 8 after the release, let use PC for many years the old user don’t know where to turn it off.

however, Microsoft said in the conference, in an attempt to retain part for touchscreen devices users Windows 8 function, will still have Windows in Windows 10 Charm, the user can slide to the right screen, open the task view.

Microsoft will start tomorrow “Insider Program” open beta, let hardcore users to try and advice are put forward. Windows 10 will be listed at the end of 2015. Microsoft also said that next year will be announced Windows 10 more details for the consumer market.

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