Sit, eight miles, Framestore let you traveled around the world in the home

a dark outside the window, the lobby rest area only I a person. In spite of this, I don’t have any lonely feeling. The fire in the furnace wall, full burning, the sound of a chip, li crash, mixed with faint in the hall in the ear of music the sound of a round, all of these make me feel very warm. Line of sight in front of wall hung a big topographic map in Hawaii, I slowly near it, look around the environment. There is a long bar on the right side of the I, on the left there are a few tables and chairs, placing on the table a few MacBook Air, and the table with a tray of didn’t play chess. Near the wall, the more I can hear the sound of the different from the map, there is a uke melodious, and the sound of waves pat coast. Before I stop ZhuZaiDe figure, looking at the map of an island, all of a sudden, I was sucked into the map. Terrain lines around me, as if into a tunnel, and I was in the tunnel, the rapid forward continuously, ear only tunnel stroke whirring sound. When the eyes again tomorrow, I found myself on a black beach, where the sky is blue, the surrounding palm leaves in the wind, the sea coast of constantly flapping. After a while, everything is calm. At this point I was surprised to find himself on the island of maui, maui is a volcanic island of Hawaii, county).

suddenly there is a voice from outside the headset: “you might as well go forward one step.”

my god! I am really in maui? It’s too unbelievable. (although I said sure not many people would believe, but the truth is in the figure below.) For the help of virtual reality technology, I am arrived in maui, but the actual location of me at a distance of 2500 miles east of Los Angeles Framestore virtual reality technology company in the office. In fact, the whole thing is this: Framestore the company invited me to Marriott Hotels experience Teleporter in their latest design software – an experience of virtual reality technology. From the technology launched only a little more than a week’s time, the improvement of the design team is underway in the last part of work. The software has a few little problems to solve, such as how to accurately using cameras to track the user’s location. But fortunately, this is not the first time Framestore project of virtual reality technology. As early as in the earlier this year, the company designed a model of “game of thrones (a TV drama) experience of virtual game -” on the wall “(in the play, the wall is a place located in the far north zone seven kingdoms, huge fortifications built by ice). Framestore not only has rich project experience, it also can be in CGI and achieve a good conversion between image features, let the user does not tell the difference between the two. With the two advantages, Framestore successfully designed a virtual reality application, the application is not just a game entertainment, it also means that the virtual reality technology breakthrough.

so, for virtual reality technique, 2014 is significant for a year. Oculus released the latest design in Rift virtual game helmet, in addition, the helmet also received the award more than fair. Calls for a high makes Facebook in March with more than $20, high-priced acquisition of the company. Virtual reality games technology nowadays is developing rapidly. Not only Sony announced their own research and development of virtual reality helmet Project Morpheus, samsung also decided to r&d Gear with Oculus VR mobile helmet, even Hollywood also want a slice of this action: San Diego international anime fair in “sleeping valley” and “Pacific rim” these two Hollywood blockbusters found traces of the use of virtual reality technology.

in fact, in a sense, virtual reality technology research and development for our future life also has very big effect. Through the design the Teleporter, Marriott Hotels try to become the first to virtual reality technology to companies all over the world. The dream trip black beach is only the tip of the iceberg, virtual reality technology application still have a lot of things it can do.

we hope we can become the first company created a miracle.

when you mention innovation company, your mind is definitely not the first company Marriott Hotels. Marriott Hotels also clear that it is not a giant, innovative technology, so the company is responsible for the sales management, vice President of Michael Dail said: “Marriott need to attract the younger generation who loves travel.” In order to achieve this goal, planning to the Marriott in 2013 a man named “excellent travel” marketing activities to attract customers to try to shape the image of the company into a vogue and high-end technology company. At the same time, Marriott and mobile experience laboratory at the Massachusetts institute of technology will combine to rearrange Marriott’s hotel chains, they are trying to transform the hotel as a social gathering, rather than to make the customer think of the hotel was a temporary bedroom by countless combined into place. After redesigning the lobby as an advanced social club, will look very tall, must be able to attract many customers. This spring, in see Framestore and marketing company Relevent Partners jointly create games “on the wall”, after the Marriott decided to join and Relevent Framestore for the development of virtual reality technology.

Dail said in an interview: “in fact, virtual reality technology long before they can be developed, even similar applications already exist. But the problem is that the technology has not been popular, we really hope to be able to break the deadlock. Our company always wanted to develop a more immersive can bring users (realistic) and empirical (meet the demand of users cognitive fun and various) applications, can use it to make the customer understand the true meaning of travel.” After two months of detailed discussion, Marriott and Relevent finally draws such a conclusion — only the virtual reality technology can bring realistic real experience to the user, so they took the idea to find the Framestore, hope it can realize the idea.

in the create immersive game features, Framestore is a experienced company. In the design on the wall before the game, Framestore in famous director Alfonso Cuaron filming of “gravity” is used in virtual reality technology successfully taken out 13 minutes a long amazing visual feast, won the Oscar for this again. Framestore creative director Mike Woods said in an interview: “before shooting, we first visited the Marriott in Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel Hotel lobby, and scans all the objects inside the hall, including every knife and fork, each plate, chair cushion, television screens and even water bottle, and then in the Unreal Engine 4 (Unreal Engine is currently the world’s most famous authorized one of the most widely top game Engine, occupies 80% of the world’s commercial game Engine market share), input all the data in to the game Engine as a in the Hotel lobby is a flight space, like a video game that outer space flight environment.”

of course is just isn’t enough to simulate the environment of the electronic game. Woods said: “people often misunderstand the use of the virtual technology principle. The technology is still in the early stage of the development, in use process, will give you as a floating in the air of the camera, its movement is slow, so you can only slow motion.” In this virtual environment, users are free to look around the perimeter of the environment, but the body cannot move around. Teleporter turn to put the items in the room to provide you with position reference, to guide you along a clear path to move slowly to the map, this approach also can avoid bring you nausea.” Woods also said: “if you take everything in the room, you can immediately feel dizzy.”

the next step is to select the location of the two concrete as the user enters the Teleporter to reach the destination after a black hole: as I described before, we selected the black beach in Hawaii, as one of the destinations, another is the London Tower 42 (London), the second highest skyscraper on the roof.

in the external environment of virtual reality technology in the process of filming, Framestore discovered a need to solve the problem, that is: Jaunt and Condition One stereo vision provides equipment to shoot 360 degrees, but once the filming equipment in slight shake, you will spoil the scene before the user. Woods explained: “you know our head is as a fulcrum for the rotation of the neck, there is no doubt about it, but we can’t casual like mobile we head to the left to the right to move the camera, because it is impossible for the two lenses like the head of the two people can be so close. We tried multiple directions of footage at the same time, but it’s a horrible shooting result.”

at the beach on the day of filming

Framestore accumulated experience in “gravity” for the team to become a professional expert to solve such problem. After all, the use of three-dimensional composition to make films IMAX3D than film much harder. The produced results like magic is, amazing. Woods once said of the effect of making: “such a group of lens look just like a drama, very competitive.” Framestore actually considered for research and development center to new ways to solve the problems of the panoramic camera, but ultimately decided to stick to his previous solution: use Red Epic Dragon film cameras to capture 360 – degree panoramic, and then through the Nuke special-effects software (a film) to joining together of all images.

yet another destination for travel Teleporter users – London Tower 42 tiantai, this method is also applicable, because this is a static environment, shooting task will be much easier. But once involved in beach, task difficulty coefficient increased significantly. Woods said: “on a whole scale, in the edge, the results will look very strange. Especially when you are floating in the breeze on the beach, surrounded by vegetation, this will need a lot of consideration, let’s say you want to consider where is the camera shooting range, where it is already in the shooting range.”

not only that, you need to capture the continuous lens from multiple directions, as soon as possible so that light is taken in each moment to keep continuous and stable as possible. In order to solve this problem, Framestore team worked day and night in Queens Rockaway Beach ongoing test pictures. Woods said: “we can now adopted a stereo camera system, it can quickly transform lens. And now we’ve taken the photo conversion lens speed than we used to faster any ads or movies.”

the next step is take pictures about the synopsis. This may sound a little weird, you want to be in a nothing happened scene photos of some video game. But Framestore said: if you want to accurate shooting out of the plot, so can’t move the camera, only in this way can the most complete capture all moving scene, and there will be no space distortion. Such a demand can only rely on Framestore to do, after all this but its specialty. Woods said: “is not shooting out all the plot of the need to solve this problem from the technology, also not let programmers to write an algorithm. As long as a frame of a frame, finally together. In order to ensure that there will be no distortion, we would be to throw a ball in the scene, and then carefully observe whether the environment within the lens is distorted, the line is straight, goods matters and their situation is changing. Finally we made it.”

tourism is not just to get a postcard

tourism is much more than is to use eyes to appreciate the beauty of the scene. Final version of the Teleporter, told reporters in New York show can bring the same as “on the wall” dimensions of space and time feeling, because the Teleporter have Framestore and Relevent called four dimensional elements, such as embedded in the floor of the pneumatic pump, the spray nozzle on the wall, roof heat blower, ceiling and floor fan, a distributor “fragrance”, and in the back of the loft in 1000 watt loudspeaker, the scene equipment have strengthened the immersive of the game: when you reach the beach, the ground of the buffer action of pneumatic pump will make you think you are really landed, you can feel the temperature of 80 degrees, the sea breeze gently blows over your cheek, is far away the fog on the sea. When the Teleporter you sent back to you in the rest of London Tower 42 are green, the tilt of the floor can let you feel you’re in a depth of 400 feet.

(in order to better experience virtual reality technology, you also need to satisfy a lot of hardware requirements, including motherboard is equipped with a 32 gb of memory, but also equipped with a network switch installed and sound functions of servers. The whole experience is controlled by a central control application, and Framestore is controlled by the iPod Touch.)

the whole process experience about 100 seconds long, but it’s less than two minutes and includes all kind of let you incredible complex data, especially the live video of 40 seconds. To know the Oculus Rift DK2 screen resolution is only 1080 p, but Framestore using 8 k resolution (resolution size x4320 7680), 75 frames per second. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull

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