Sina weibo V6 version upgrades, new flagship card information flow

October 13 news, sina weibo officially released PC V6 version. The information flow to present the new weibo homepage to streamline form to the card design, each a tweet between the obvious.

appearance design, the new weibo for information display, navigation, information center and the personal home page, etc in the adjustment, the overall style is more concise. The new weibo to simplify the personal home page for home page and photo album two tabs, main home page covers the account information, weibo relations, published articles and pictures and great content, allow the user to quickly understand a related account implementation.

in order to improve the content found efficiency, weibo is on the front page navigation channel “discovery” has been added, the user does not produce attention relationship under the premise of also can see the content of interest. Relations between the data and by precipitation, weibo user interest has carried on the comprehensive analysis of different categories of topic selection, weibo and related content, aggregated appears in the “discovery” channel, provide multiple sets of labels for the user to choose further.

at the same time, the new weibo for cross-platform get through, users only need to provide a set of material can meet the requirements on the PC and mobile end at the same time, its weibo design and operating costs are reduced. The unity on the vision and architecture, not only reduce the user in different end use weibo sense of fragmentation, will also help enterprises to promote weibo promotion effect.

in addition to the content found efficiency, the new weibo for different vertical authenticated user introduced exclusive function in the field of application, to provide the rich content production, dissemination and liquidate tools. In the case of the media, weibo pay will be fully opened to the media and the author, exceptional functions will gradually open to the average user. We have learned, in two months of testing, more than thirty thousand people on twitter for exceptional, the subscription amount is more than 1.5 million yuan.

by providing users with mass information and hot star dynamic, weibo has become the world’s leading Chinese social media platforms. Weibo, a deputy general manager Lin water ocean, points out that in essence, weibo is a core of the information found on the user network, microblogging has different people on the Internet connection, the next goal is to create a piece of information as the link, connecting people and people, people and organizations, people and objects, and the network of interest.

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