Silicon valley startup accelerator mainly showed a trend of the three


futurists, Singularity University (Singularity University) co-founder Peter Diamandis said that we live in a belongs to the golden age of entrepreneurs, more powerful now than ever before using exponential growth technology, to solve the major challenge facing mankind.

singularity university is known as the “ivy league” from the future. It encourage entrepreneurs to bold imagination, its college of business graduate programs more like tall, every year from global recruiting screening outstanding entrepreneurs, for 10 weeks of summer training, course content almost covers the latest cutting-edge technology, including artificial intelligence, robotics, biotechnology, nanotechnology, network and computer system, etc. Involved in the project entrepreneurs through a variety of ways to help at least 1 billion people over the next 10 years.

for ordinary entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial vision and looking for the singularity university project seems a bit far away, especially for those who haven’t start the project, with only half forming, idealistic, imperfect idea of entrepreneurs and how to better help your ideas may be your first consider the problem at present.

in Beijing, creative, but still half-formed, most first-time entrepreneurs will choose 3 w places such as coffee, looking for display platform, listening to the experienced entrepreneurs to share its entrepreneurial experience, and expand the Internet network resources.

in silicon valley, half forming project teams will have more options, they can join the emerging business college such as rip hero institute (Draper University). This school is by the venture capital firm DFJ (DFJ) founder Tim Draper (Tim Draper) founded, for those who are not ready for entrepreneurship of college students, or not ready to into the incubator and accelerator of entrepreneurs to provide a buffer of time.

Draper said she founded a Draper the purpose of University is to cultivate entrepreneurial “hero”. He thinks that college students at harvard and Stanford business school can learn a lot of cases, and skills, but he seems to lack something, he hopes to make up by the school.

a lack of this stuff can be reflected in DE rip hero academy school motto of “constantly failure, until success,” Draper University may be the world’s most encouraging failure of one of the college. Here, the experimental study is crucial, entrepreneurs will be asked to try all kinds of new things, continuous trial and error, and allowed to keep on trying until entrepreneurs don’t be afraid to try it for the team to prepare the future can be more comfortable with failure.

in addition to rise up the wind of a business school in silicon valley, the most pertinent to the booming business incubator and the accelerator. Incubators for entrepreneurs to provide places, allowing you to stay longer, can network here, learning and development; And accelerator is usually a short-term intensive training, high strength, it will be to single-digit share exchange small amounts of money and guidance.

the accelerator 500 Startups in silicon valley, founder of Dave McClure tencent technology interview said that overall, startup accelerator in the future there will be more innovative. Now booming accelerator, most can be washed out in the next few years. They have to with some existing 5-10 years of accelerator in competition, it is very difficult, “the more recent emerging accelerator is more and more focus on a particular area, more specialization and the distance, such as media, health care, and cloud services.” Dave said.

startup accelerator three trends

trend: specialization, vertical. Emerging startup accelerator prefer specific vertical, such as health care, cloud services, such as virtual reality

in recent years, the medical Health industry constantly emerging emerging business incubators, such as Rock Health, Startup the Health, the Blueprint Health, etc. Is currently the most pertinent to resources abundant StartX at Stanford university, the well-known silicon valley incubator Y Combinator start-up project also popular Internet health care this year, big companies such as ge is increased the investment in this kind of incubator, would like to share in this huge market.

the amazon cloud platform service AWS recently founded cloud service incubator at home, at the same time introduced the amazon AWS Activate start-up acceleration plan, provide cloud service for free for start-up companies. Microsoft has launched a cloud accelerator for start-ups provide all-round business resources, such as office space, Windows Azure cloud computing platform and related services.

last week, Google map (weibo) has just announced its support for virtual reality through the street; Intel recently just investment Avegant company to develop a Glyph virtual reality helmet; Facebook after with a $2 billion takeover of the Oculus immersive virtual reality helmet manufacturers. As the silicon valley giant IT layout field of virtual reality, the world’s first virtual reality incubator River, recently, by the vc institutions Rothenberg Ventures. River will be regularly invited leading experts in the field of virtual reality to direct attention in the field of the vertical entrepreneurs.

trend 2: differentiation. A startup accelerator to clear its unique value orientation, is likely to stand out. Incubation quantity and cycle

the silicon valley’s most prominent several accelerator including Y Combinator, 500 Startups, satellites, etc., their positioning determines its differentiation. Familiar Y Combinator hacker culture, is a paradise for programmers; Go global route 500 Startups are better at marketing, design, and the story; The biggest feature of satellites tutorial system mode is very perfect.

to maintain the survival of startups satellites are usually only choose the most potential company, selected from more than 4000 applications for every year 1% of the project, each probably around 10, they will get the tutor’s high attention, and get from 1 to 10 instructors more hand-holding. Founder David Cohen’s original intention is to focus on quality, to ensure that the incubation of every company to be successful.

compared with satellites, the investment philosophy of 500 Startups have significant differences. Founder Dave McClure tencent technology interview said that “we are small investment and incremental investment strategy. Small investment, a large number of startups first, and then through the market evolution picking good startup, we selectively to make additional investment to these winners.”

500 Startups at the same time may be the most internationalized and diversified in silicon valley startup accelerator. Dave appointed melvillo greater China partner last year, the latter will recommend some domestic high quality project to silicon valley to speed up the training. Melvillo tell tencent technology, in the amazon AWS cloud create the contest this month just have a start-up company called Fiberead is selected.

Fiberead is a cross-border project, mainly to help English composition books published in China, including e-books and paper books. Founder runas Jiang told tencent technology, they will be in January in 500 Startups in silicon valley, for 14 weeks. “Choose 500 Startups is hope it can give us an endorsement, attract like Ben Horowitz’s silicon valley famous author” runas said.

three trends: multinationals shift strategy. From start-ups mature after the acquisition, to early stage start-ups

these days, almost every week with a multinational company cooperate with startup accelerator or buy its area of a start-up company, Nike, Microsoft, Kaplan, Disney are cooperate with a startup accelerator satellites, such as, Microsoft accelerator, with Nike + accelerator in Kaplan (Kaplan) education technology accelerator and Disney accelerator.

these multinational companies will work with start-up as the key to innovation strategy, they are not alone, according to general electric company released “global innovation trends survey”, the report says 85% of the respondents said big enterprises, such cooperation can be targeted excavated from start-ups innovative electronic, to explore the possibility of more, and make up for a lack of certain aspects of creativity within the enterprise.

so why this trend? Why big companies are willing to jump out of the comfort zone and start-up companies establish cooperation? Read the innovator’s dilemma, “a book reader will find that the author christensen professor at harvard business school believes that many market leader was knocked out in a wave of revolutionary technological innovation, the fastest for subversive innovation type many times from start-up companies, they will jump out of the existing framework to think about the problem, the result is unexpected, market awareness there might be too late.

silicon valley accelerator plug-in & amp; Play recent momentum of development, the main reason is they docking large enterprises, a group of big companies such as IBM often to the accelerator, face-to-face communication with start-ups. Saeed founder? Echoed (Saeed Amidi said, multinational companies will past startups such as development of mature, then its bid to gain valuable technology, applied to their products.

but things are different now, such as plug-in & amp; Play for retail and media industries introduced corresponding accelerator project, every project has a big company sponsored at present, these sponsors for entrepreneurs to share their experience in management, and provide a certain amount of money to support the development of the project. “More importantly, they’re start-up company is directly involved in the early stage.” He insisted.


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