Silicon valley bosses: our life is miserable, but also can’t complain

Larry Page and Mark Zuckerberg, worth billions of dollars, but also so in life.

in fact, such a situation, Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham, explained why. Graham startup accelerator project to let a few become a billionaire founder, including Dropbox Drew Houston and founder of the reality.

Graham pointed out that Page and Mr Zuckerberg got much from Google and Facebook, so lost how much. They can never enjoy a normal life or do you want to do ordinary people like us.

“Mark Zuckerberg never go abroad hang out.” Graham writes, “he can do many others can’t do, such as by special plane to fly to foreign countries, but success made his life a lot less surprise.”

one more thing: billionaires never publicly complained about his companions of money every day how much of life is not easy, or others will crazy good!

in a Stanford university about how tired when an entrepreneur’s speech, Graham spoke about running a company and it’s a billions of dollars worth of company requires a great deal of time and energy, the following is a part of speech:

Larry Page looks enviable life, but his life is annoying. From 25 years old when he began to all can work, even have no chance to stop and catch my breath. Every day in Google’s vast empire only CEO to deal with trouble, and he has to deal with these things as CEO.

if he’s on vacation for a week, that a whole week’s to-do list will backlog. And he will without complaint to bear these, in part because as a company’s leader, he can’t show any fear and weakness, and in part because if billionaire said he had a hard mass won’t have any sympathy for them.

… Mark Zuckerberg never go abroad. He can do a lot of things others can’t do, such as by special plane to fly to foreign countries, but success made his life a lot less surprise. He gets from Facebook is how much for it. Although for lifelong career will be very good, but the life needs surprise, especially the young, can contact with something more life’s work to provide for you more choice.

This article is far in BI, and published widely response, the user’s cloud network editor jun hunting for your exclusive selection of the two most representative comments.

the name “billionaire” user commented like this:

this post is very real.

like Zuckerberg, I became a billionaire at the age of 20, since then my life is a piece of hot water.

I hate when their boss, and get several hundred employees, control their own destiny.

there is always a supermodel trying to reach me, please come to appear in my hotel room, house and costa rica in the summer house in California.

one day I give my lamborghini to hit, in order to prevent one thousand I have to buy two!

I’m still not to go hungry, efforts to pay bills, to repay student loans people complain about when billionaires in this matter, just bullshit.

I could always clearing firms at retirement, you can wake up Wednesday morning aboard a private jet to fly to any place.

I want to buy what to want what can completely don’t care about the price.

my house is the voice control. It will according to my voice broadcast music, help me to open the door or turn on the television. Feel I am iron man!

but my life is very difficult, it is not easy to want to be a big man.

now I’d like to have the New York Philharmonic orchestra to $one hundred million worth of high-tech my house to play a very, very sad song for me.

(hunting cloud network editor: this netizen comments may be from the heart, but how to see how to feel a little irony of the rich)

another netizen comments:

they push on because they were born this way. Entrepreneurs is not like most mediocre people sitting, which is why those who will not always bemoan his miserable life, envy others, endlessly complain fate of injustice.

this is not for power, but in order to dry out a career, in order to succeed and passion. I can guarantee that Larry Page or Zuckerberg didn’t desire for power, they are not only founded the company in order to become a billionaire. For most entrepreneurs are not for the money. Now they are simple goal and passion and initial Google and Facebook are a small company. This applies to any other successful entrepreneurs.

poor watch others success, jealously complain, they always can find their own effort to excuse. And those successful people no matter what obstacles have stick to it, even though it brings difficulties in their lives and failed again and again.
This is the difference between them and you. And they will not afford to let them who founded the company. As soon as they leave, the company is often not, because there is no who care about it more than its founder. Once the founder of the company to others, the possibility of 99% company will become a mess, because there is no contact as the founder of the heir to the company and enthusiasm, they put the company founder as a career and regard it as a part of life.

Source: BI

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