Silence is golden: don’t talk negotiations let startup saved $200000

most of the startup founder did not consider himself is the company’s main negotiators, at some critical moments, they often struggle. These moments on the exercise are sales of the most valuable skills – “silent” the best time.

in the process of negotiations, due to the level of determination and discipline requirements, silence is difficult to be accepted. This, however, is an amazing tool, it unexpectedly saved $225000 for our company.

so why silence can play a role in negotiations? In negotiations silence will give others to create a very awkward atmosphere, which in turn will induce them to continue to chat. And then, they will be very easy to get wrong, and largely exposed them the thinking of chaos in the negotiation.

that’s right!

if you continue to express their views, so you have to do is keep silent, waiting for the right time to appear. This is how I successfully in 10 minutes of phone time savings of $225000.


the development of things is so Close. IO’s founding team is doing and when we start is completely different. We have provided a simple service that allows consumers to register their credit or debit card to let us help them to complete all the deal, and the change to charity. In order to do this, we have to buy other people’s technology. In order to get a copy of money, we and the company signed a three-year contract.

we think very smart, so we work out a special agreement with them: the first year of the contract, we almost do not need to pay any money, the second year in a little more, and then in the third year we need to pay them a large sum of money (about 90% of the contract).

this is how we thought: three years later, our company or the development of good that is sufficient to afford the money, or the company bankruptcy, this also won’t have much trouble. The company’s customer manager don’t mind, because his commission is paid according to the contract value rather than according to the payment terms. This can be a win-win situation.

however, a year after we have completely changed our business line. We don’t use them again these super expensive technology, also have no money to continue to pay for them. So, we try our best to out from them. We phoned them, use of network to contact them and visit their office and write to them. We have tried every way, because we are in is in despair.

the agent of our company constantly tells us that he is willing to lend a helping hand, but he said “the bully financial doesn’t allow me to help you to do things, so if you want to break away, you must pay the full contract amount.”

he’s actually not too willing to help us from suffering, but we will not blame him. For him, if we fail will be more valuable than let him provide the contract. In the end, we contacted them a board member, and persuaded him to let him give our agent email, and let him to help us out. This success caught his attention.

the next day, the phone call: “hello, Steli, I’m John (not his real name). Convenient to chat with me now?” Me: “of course!”

John: “I really want to help you. I know, you endured a rocky start process, I just feel very willing to help you these entrepreneurs. I argued with financial department won an excellent treatment for you. Hearing the news, don’t be too surprised oh, now you only need to pay us $100000 rather than $250000 you can from the contract.”

in an instant, I pressure is $150000, couldn’t be happier. But this is the most easy to use are the most powerful negotiating strategy – the most appropriate time to keep silent.

after a short period of awkward silence, John continued: “ok, Steli, you know, we should maintain a good relationship between, it is very important for us. I hope you know: (ten thousand) is omitted.

this is the limit of what can I do for you, I have for you to a lot of benefits to financial department. I hope you can understand that.”

23… 22… In the 21st… 20… The 19th…

then he went on to say: “you know, if you delay until January and then cancel the contract, and we also for you to win more benefits, reduce the amount to between $25000 and $50000 rather than $100000 now.”

it is November, wait two months seems to be nothing can’t.

“in January, 25000, sounds good.”

John say again: “the forehead frontal forehead… Very good, very happy we can be on good terms. Later I will send all the relevant information to you.”

that’s it. The result is far better than we had expected. Just then a phone call to our saved $225000. I don’t think if I speak I’ll have the results. So I just closed his mouth, listening to him.

it must be admitted that, this is I have seen the most amazing talks. However, you can tell you is: the appropriate shut up nine times ten times will be smarter than yourself to say much more meaningful.

Source: TC

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