Signing of FE events, Letv sports and chips?

recent Letv aspects constantly, the first signing of F1 in mainland China the sole new media rights, and new energy vehicles, tesla concept in China, today, on September 11th Letv and local tyrants, announced to the world level electric equation championships (FE) of the new media to the rights and the right of the event. Depending on the used sports brand, want to play Internet + sports industry.

the first explain the FE electric formula, the fia is a clean energy vehicles this year’s event, it is interesting to note that the fia first published 2014-2015 on the calendar, Beijing is the third stop. But in China, under the request of Beijing became the first stop, is scheduled to take place in the Olympic park. FE compared to formula one, the biggest obstacle is FE racing car battery life, now every car battery life up to 20 minutes, a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour, because the battery needs to be an hour or so, lead to need two cars per player the game, this is the place where it is difference from F1.


to PE unveiled the first stop in Beijing on September 13, Letv two days in advance to do a cooperation conference on both sides. Also please entertainment star fan bingbing as the image ambassador of PE. Depending on the sports, science and technology, the Internet, entertainment play together for his music depending on the sports industry to increase chip.

recently, le networks and apparent holdings are frequently, Letv TV, Letv mall, Letv pictures, get rid of its main business, and fresh, do wine, make cars, do intelligent household. At the same time the internal networks and the music channel separately, sports channel for punch cultivation, such as criticism, a series of sound movement, culture and concept category of copyright industry industry soar depending on valuation. But the long run, high-value, shareholder capital will pay for them.

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